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Cryptoblepharus gloriosus (STEJNEGER, 1893)

IUCN Red List - Cryptoblepharus gloriosus - Vulnerable, VU

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Higher TaxaScincidae, Eugongylinae (Eugongylini), Scincoidea, Sauria, Squamata (lizards)
SubspeciesCryptoblepharus gloriosus gloriosus (STEJNEGER 1893)
Cryptoblepharus gloriosus mayottensis MERTENS 1928
Cryptoblepharus gloriosus mohelicus MERTENS 1928 
Common Names 
SynonymAblepharus gloriosus STEJNEGER 1893: 723
Cryptoblepharus boutonii mayottensis MERTENS 1928
Cryptoblepharus boutonii mayottensis MERTENS 1928: 83
Ablepharus boutonii mayottensis — MERTENS 1931: 181
Ablepharus boutonii gloriosus — MERTENS 1931: 179
Cryptoblepharus gloriosus — GREER 1974: 21
Cryptoblepharus mayottensis — GREER 1974: 21
Cryptoblepharus boutonii mayottensis — MEIRTE 1999
Cryptoblepharus gloriosus — HORNER 2007
Cryptoblepharus gloriosus — SANCHEZ et al. 2019

Cryptoblepharus gloriosus mayottensis MERTENS 1928
Cryptoblepharus boutonii mayottensis MERTENS 1928
Cryptoblepharus boutonii mayottensis — ROCHA et al. 2006
Cryptoblepharus gloriosus mayottensis — HORNER 2007
Cryptoblepharus boutonii mayottensis — HAWLITSCHEK et al. 2011

Cryptoblepharus gloriosus mohelicus MERTENS 1928
Cryptoblepharus boutonii mohelicus MERTENS 1928: 84
Ablepharus boutonii mohelicus — MERTENS 1931: 183
Cryptoblepharus mohelicus — GREER 1974: 21
Cryptoblepharus boutonii mohelicus — CARRETERO et al. 2005
Cryptoblepharus boutonii mohelicus — ROCHA et al. 2006
Cryptoblepharus gloriosus mohelicus — HORNER 2007
Cryptoblepharus boutonii mohelicus — HAWLITSCHEK et al. 2011 
DistributionGlorioso Island; Type locality: Glorioso Island

mayottensis: Comoro Islands (Mayotte); Type locality:
Mayotte Island, Comoro IslanIslands.

mohelicus: Mohéli (Mwali) Island, Comoro Islands; Type locality: Miremani, Mohéli (Mwali) Island, Comoro Islands.  
TypesHolotype: USNM 20463
holotype: ZMB 19037; Paratype: ZFMK 95262 (ex-ZMB 57165) [mayottensis]
Holotype: ZMB 33125 [mohelicus] 
CommentBRYGOO (1986) synonymized Cryptoblepharus boutonii mayottensis MERTENS 1928: 83 with Cryptoblepharus (boutonii) gloriosus (Stejneger).

Comparison of subspecies. C. g. gloriosus is distinguished from C. g. mayottensis and C. g. mohelicus by having shorter forelimbs (mean % of SVL: 30.1 instead of 35.4 or more). Further distinguished from C. g. mayottensis by fewer midbody scale rows (mode 22 instead of 24), more palmar scales (mode 12 instead of 10) and larger size (mean SVL 39.8 instead of 36.5 mm). Further distinguished from C. g. mohelicus by shorter snout (mean % of head length: 43.6 instead of 47.3), more paravertebral (mode 51 instead of 47) and plantar (mode 13 instead of 11) scales.

Conservation: “Glorioso and these islands seem to be heavily degraded and full of rats. We can even not exclude that C. gloriosus and the other Glorioso endemics (Amphiglossus valhallae, Zonosaurus madagascariensis insulanus) have become extinct in the meantime. The islands are very small (ca. 5 square kilometres in total) and there might be almost no chance to escape any major threats like rats etc. I therefore think the endemic taxa should be treated as Critically Endangered" and there is an urgent need for a herpetological survey to clarify the situation.” [F. Glaw, pers. comm. 8 June 2011]. 
EtymologyNamed after the type locality. 
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