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Cyclura rileyi STEJNEGER, 1903

IUCN Red List - Cyclura rileyi - Endangered, EN

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Higher TaxaIguanidae, Iguania, Sauria (lizards) 
SubspeciesCyclura rileyi cristata SCHMIDT 1920
Cyclura rileyi rileyi STEJNEGER 1903
Cyclura rileyi nuchalis BARBOUR & NOBLE 1916 
Common NamesWhite Cay Ground Iguana
rileyi: San Salvador Iguana
cristata: White cay iguana
nuchalis: Acklins Iguana 
SynonymCyclura rileyi STEJNEGER 1903: 130
Cyclura rileyi - SCHWARTZ & CAREY 1977
Cyclura rileyi — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1991: 401

Cyclura rileyi rileyi STEJNEGER 1903
Cyclura rileyi rileyi - SCHWARTZ & THOMAS 1975

Cyclura rileyi cristata SCHMIDT 1920
Cyclura cristata SCHMIDT 1920
Cyclura rileyi cristata - SCHWARTZ & THOMAS 1975

Cyclura rileyi nuchalis BARBOUR & NOBLE 1916
Cyclura nuchalis BARBOUR & NOBLE 1916
Cyclura rileyi nuchalis - SCHWARTZ & THOMAS 1975 
DistributionCentral Bahama Islands, including San Salvador, the Exuma Cays,
islands of the Crooked-Acklins group.

Cyclura rileyi rileyi: San Salvador I. and satellites. Type locality: San Salvador Island, Bahama Islands.

Cyclura rileyi cristata (HOLOTYPE AMNH 7238): southern Exuma Cays.

Cyclura rileyi nuchalis (HOLOTYPE ANSP 11985): cays in Bight of Acklins.  
TypesHolotype: USNM 3 1969, MCZ R-36749
Holotype: ANSP 11985 [nuchalis] 
CommentFor illustrations see Barbour and Noble, 1916 (as C. nuchalis); Schwartz and Carey, 1977. 
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