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Cyrtodactylus hinnamnoensis LUU, BONKOWSKI, NGUYEN, LE, SCHNEIDER, NGO & ZIEGLER, 2016

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Higher TaxaGekkonidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos) 
Common NamesE: Hinnamno Bent-toed Gecko
Laotian: Ki Chiem Hin Nam No 
SynonymCyrtodactylus hinnamnoensis LUU, BONKOWSKI, NGUYEN, LE, SCHNEIDER, NGO & ZIEGLER 2016
Cyrtodactylus phongnhakebangensis — LUU et al. 2013 
DistributionC Laos

Type locality: Ban Dou Village (17°30.385’N, 105°49.160’E, elevation 183 m a.s.l.) within Hin Nam No NPA, Khammouane Province, central Laos.  
TypesHolotype: IEBR A.2013.90, adult male, collected on 11 June 2013 by V. Q. Luu and N. V. Ha.
Paratypes. IEBR A.2013.89, adult male, 7 May 2013, from Hang Toi region, Noong Ma Village (17°17.766’N, 106°08.803’E, elevation 580 m a.s.l.); VNUF R.2013.1 and NUOL R-2013.2, adult males, 9 June 2013, from Vang Ma No Village (17°30.778’N, 105°49.259’E, elevation 180 m a.s.l.); VNUF R.2014.99, adult male, 27 May 2014, from Cha Lou Village (17°19.504’N, 105°57.630’E, elevation ca. 300 m a.s.l.); ZFMK 95235, adult female, 8 May 2013, from Hang Toi region, Noong Ma Village (17°17.763’N, 106°08.778’E, elevation 555 m a.s.l.); ZFMK 95236, adult female, 30 May 2013, from Noong Choong Region, Cha Lou Village (17°20.248’N, 105°56.693’E, elevation 252 m a.s.l.); NUOL R-2013.3, adult female, 11 June 2013, from Ban Dou Village (17°31.545’N, 105°49.086’E, elevation 197 m a.s.l.); VNUF R.2015.3, female, 13 March 2015, from Xebangfai cave, Noong Ping Village (17°22.459’N, 105°49.626’E, elevation 182 m a.s.l.); NUOL R-2015.9, female, 13 March 2015, from Xebangfai cave, Noong Ping Village (17°22.648’N, 105°52.931’E, elevation 182 m a.s.l.); VNUF R.2015.11, female, 14 March 2015, from Xebangfai cave, Noong Ping Village (17°22.759’N, 105°52.931’E, elevation 285 m a.s.l.). The paratypes (VNUF R.2015.3, NUOL R-2015.9, and VNUF R.2015.11) were collected by V. Q. Luu and K. Thanabuaosy in March 2015; the paratype (VNUF R.2014.99) was collected by V. Q. Luu, N. V. Ha, T. Calame, D. V. Phan and K. Thanabuaosy in May 2014, the remaining type series was collected by V. Q. Luu, N. V. Ha, and K. Thanabuaosy in May and June 2013 (V. Q. Luu et al.). 
CommentSexual dimorphism. The females differ from the males by lacking or having fewer precloacal-femoral pores (0–28 versus 36–44 in the males) and the absence of hemipenial swellings at the tail base (see Table 6 in Luu et al. 2016).

Natural history. Specimens were found at night between 19:41 and 22:03h on karst walls, ca. 0.3–5 m above the ground, near cave entrances in the limestone forest, at elevations between 175 and 580 m a.s.l. Only one male specimen VNUF R.2014.99 was collected on a tree trunk, about 1 m from the forest floor. The surrounding habitat was karst forest, dominated by species of Ebenaceae, Dracaenaceae, Arecaeae, Poaceae, Meliaceae, and Moraceae. The relative humidity ranged from 78% to 90%, and temperatures were from 24.9 to 30.7oC (see Table 8). When capturing individuals of the species, we observed an increased rate of tail autotomy and many individuals had regenerated tail, for example, seven of 11 specimens of Cyrtodactylus hinnamnoensis sp. nov. had dropped or/and regenerated tails. This suggests that these populations might be under the stress of predators (see also Grismer et al. 2016). 
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