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Cyrtodactylus stresemanni RÖSLER & GLAW, 2008

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Higher TaxaGekkonidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos)
Common NamesE: Stresemann’s Bent-toed Gecko 
SynonymCyrtodactylus stresemanni RÖSLER & GLAW 2008
Cyrtodactylus stresemanni — GRISMER 2011 
DistributionMalaysia (Perak province)

Type locality: "Batang Padang-Tal, 800–900 m" [elevation] (jar label) [near the town Tapah, Perak province, Malaysia].  
TypesHolotype: ZSM 249/1911 (field number "coll. E. Stresemann 185"), adult male, collected by E. Stresemann, on 7 Oktober 1910 during the second "Freiburger Molukken Expedition". 
DiagnosisDiagnosis: A medium-sized Cyrtodactylus with a total length of 190 mm (SVL 95.5 mm), head distinct from neck, body slender, venter flat, tail base not enlarged. Cyrtodactylus stresemanni can be distinguished from all other species of the genus by the following combination of characters: 13 supralabials; 10 infralabials; 13 longitudinal rows of dorsal tubercles; conical tubercles along the lateral skin folds; 63 ventrals between the lateral skin folds; a deep, narrow preanal groove; femoral scales and femoral pores not enlarged; subcaudals not enlarged; tubercles on dorsal and ventral side of the tail; vertebral stripe grey-brown; three pairs of brown-olive, elongated markings on the back; tail with distinct bands.
CommentDistribution: See map in Harvey et al. 2016: 526 (Fig. 5).

Abundance: only known from the type specimen (Meiri et al. 2017). 
EtymologyThe species is dedicated to the famous ornithologist Erwin Stresemann who has collected the holotype. 
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