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Daboia mauritanica GRAY, 1849

IUCN Red List - Daboia mauritanica - Near Threatened, NT

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Higher TaxaViperidae, Viperinae, Colubroidea, Alethinophidia, Serpentes, Squamata (snakes) 
Common NamesE: Moorish Viper
G: Atlasotter 
SynonymEchidna mauritanica DUMÉRIL & BIBRON in GUICHENOT 1848: 24 (nom. nud.)
Clotho ? mauritanica GRAY 1849: 27 (fide HARDING & WELCH 1980)
Echidna mauritanica — DUMÉRIL & BIBRON 1854: 1431
Echidna mauritanica — GÜNTHER 1859: 226
Vipera lebetina mauritanica - SCHWARZ 1936
Vipera mauritanica mauritanica — SOCHUREK 1979
Vipera lebetina mauritanica — HARDING & WELCH 1980
Daboia lebetina mauritanica - OBST 1983
Macrovipera mauretanica - HERRMANN, JOGER & NILSON 1992
Vipera mauritanica mauritanica — WELCH 1994: 123
Vipera confluenta COPE 1864: 181
Macrovipera mauritanica — MCDIARMID, CAMPBELL & TOURÉ 1999: 385
Daboia mauritanica — LENK et al. 2001
Daboia mauritanica — WÜSTER et al. 2008
Daboia mauritanica — WALLACH et al. 2014: 207 
DistributionMorocco, Western Sahara, N Algeria, Tunisia

Type locality: Restricted to “Oran” (Algeria) fide SCHWARZ (1936). Map legend:
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TypesHolotype: MNHN 4017 

Subspecies: Vipera mauritanica deserti has been elevated to species status.

Phylogenetics: Macrovipera mauritanica and M. lebetina are paraphyletic based on mtDNA sequences. M. mauritanica may be renamed to Daboia mauritanica (GARRIGUES et al. 2005). 
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