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Darevskia raddei (BOETTGER, 1892)

IUCN Red List - Darevskia raddei - Least Concern, LC

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Higher TaxaLacertidae, Lacertinae, Sauria, Lacertoidea, Squamata (lizards)
SubspeciesDarevskia raddei raddei (BOETTGER 1892)
Darevskia raddei vanensis (EISELT, SCHMIDTLER & DAREVSKY 1993)
Common NamesG: Aserbaidschanische Eidechse
E: Azerbaidzhan Lizard 
SynonymLacerta saxicola raddei BOETTGER 1892
Lacerta muralis var. raddei BOETTGER 1892
Lacerta muralis var. defilippii — BOULENGER 1904
Lacerta caucasica var. tenuis NIKOLSKY 1910 (fide VEDMDERYA et al. 2009)
Lacerta saxicola defilippii — SOBOLEVSKY 1929
Lacerta raddei — DAREVSKY et al. 1973
Lacerta raddei — ENGELMANN et al 1993
Lacerta raddei — FU & MURPHY 1997
Darevskia raddei — ARRIBAS 1997
Lacerta raddei — ANDERSON 1999
Lacerta raddei — FU, MURPHY & DAREVSKY 2000
Darevskia raddei — MURPHY et al. 2000
Archaeolacerta (Caucasilacerta) raddei — SINDACO et al. 2000
Lacerta raddei — SZCZERBAK 2003
Darevskia raddei — GRECHKO et al. 2007
Darevskia raddei — NASRABADI et al. 2017

Darevskia raddei chaldoranensis RASTEGAR-POUYANI et al. 2011
Darevskia raddei chaldoranensis — ŠMÍD et al. 2014

Darevskia raddei vanensis (EISELT, SCHMIDTLER & DAREWSKY, 1993)
Lacerta raddei vanensis — SCHMIDTLER et al. 1994
Lacerta (Darevskia) raddei vanensis — SINDACO & JEREMČENKO 2008
Darevskia raddei vanensis — TUNIYEV et al. 2014
Darevskia raddei vanensis — TUNIYEV & PETROVA 2019 
DistributionArmenia, S Azerbaijan, NW Iran, S Republic of Georgia (eastern Small Caucasus), NE Turkey (Kars region, east of Lake Van)

chaldoranensis: Iran (W Azerbaijan); Type locality: Chaldoran area (39° 03' N, 44° 22' E) in the northern regions of west Azerbaijan Province, Iran.

raddei: Armenia, Iran, etc.; Type locality: Aras River Valley, SE Armenia, “Nieuvadi, Arax Valley, Armenia” fide ANDERSON 1999.

vanensis: E Anatolia (Turkey), Iran; Type locality: Burgberg der Stadt Van, 1720 m [elevation], Türkei  
ReproductionLacerta raddei (and Lacerta nairensis) has been implicated as maternal parents of the parthenogenetic L. rostombekovi and L. unisexualis, respectively (Uzzell and Darevsky 1975). L. nairensis is also possibly the aternal parent of L. uzzelli (Darevsky and Danielyan 1977, Moritz et al. 1992). Interestingly, sterile triploids have resulted form crosses between males of bisexuals and females of sympatric parthenogens, either L. armenicaca or L. unisexualis in the case of L. nairensis, or L. rostombekovi in the case of L. raddei (Darevsky 1967, Darevsky et al. 1986). 
TypesLectotype: SMF 12054
Holotype: NMW 32999; paratypes in FMNH, MHNL, MZF, and NMW [vanensis]
Holotype: RUZM LL70.1; paratypes: RUZM [chaldoranensis] 
DiagnosisDiagnosis (chaldoranensis): A relatively small-sized lacertid, maximum SVL = 50−52 mm, TL = 102−110 mm; dorsal body with 50−55 smooth, or very weakly keeled, juxtaposed dorsal scales, not imbricated; ventral body with six longitudinal and 28−31 transverse rows of scales; 25−28 gulars on midline from the level of the third pair of chin shields to collar; 10−12 granules between supraciliaries and supra- oculars; collar weakly serrated, consisting of 9−11 scales; 29−30 lamellae present under the fourth toe; and 20−20 femoral pores. 
CommentSubspecies: Lacerta raddei defilippi is listed in ENGELMANN et al. (1993) but has been elevated to species level.

Synonymy partly after KHALIKOV & ANANJEVA (pers. comm.)

Distribution: See map in SMID et al. 2014 for distribution in Iran.

Etymology (chaldoranensis): Darevskia r. chaldoranensis is so named as it was collected for the first time from vicinity of Chaldoran in the west Azerbaijan Province, Iran. 
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