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Darevskia szczerbaki (LUKINA, 1963)

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Higher TaxaLacertidae, Lacertinae, Sauria, Lacertoidea, Squamata (lizards)
Common NamesE: Szczerbak‘s Lizard
Russian: Ящерица Щербака 
SynonymLacerta saxicola szczerbaki LUKINA 1963
Lacerta saxicola szczerbaki — DAREVSKY 1967
Darevskia brauneri szczerbaki — MACCULLOCH et al. 2000
Darevskia szczerbaki — TUNIYEV & TUNIYEV 2012
Darevskia [brauneri] szczerbaki — DORONIN et al. 2013
Darevskia brauneri szczerbaki — SPEYBROECK et al. 2020
Darevskia szczerbaki — TUNIYEV & DORONIN 2021 
DistributionRussia (coastal cliffs from Anapa to Tuapse in the Krasnodar Region) (map of Doronin, 2012).

Type locality: Vysoky bereg (= Vysoky beach), Rocky cliff in City Anapa, Krasnodar Krai, Russia.  
TypesHolotype: unlocated; paratypes: ZISP 17968, NMNH Re 2/1–2/90 (Doronin, 2012) 
CommentSynonymy: partly after I. Doronin (pers. comm. 6 June 2016). MACCULLOCH et al. (2000) synonymized D. s. darevskii und D. s. szczerbaki with Darevskia s. brauneri, which they elevated to full species status. However, recent authors consider D. szczerbaki as valid (sub-) species.

Distribution: see maps in Tuniyev & Tuniyev 2012 and Doronin 2012: 106 (who also has separate maps for D. b. darevskii and myusserica).

NCBI taxonomy ID: 1592834 (darevskii)

See also D. brauneri for more references. 
EtymologyNamed after Nikolai Nikolaevich Szczerbak (1927-1998), Ukrainian herpetologist who was arrested by the NKVD (Secret Police) and imprisoned in the Gulag (1948-1954). See Adler 1999 for more details. 
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  • Tuniyev B.S., Doronin I.V. 2021. Darevskia szczerbaki (Lukina, 1963). In: Red Data Book of the Russian Federation, volume "Animals". 2nd edition. Moscow: FGBU «VNII Ecology», 2021, pp. 447-448
  • Tuniyev, Boris S.; Sako B. Tuniyev 2012. On Distribution and Taxonomic Status of Rock Lizards Darevskia brauneri szczerbaki (Lukina, 1963) and D. b. darevskii (Szczerbak, 1962). Russ. J. Herpetol. 19 (1): 10–22
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