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Diporiphora ameliae EMMOTT, COUPER, MELVILLE & CHAPPLE, 2012

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Higher TaxaAgamidae (Amphibolurinae), Sauria, Iguania, Squamata (lizards)
Common Names 
SynonymDiporiphora ameliae EMMOTT, COUPER, MELVILLE & CHAPPLE in COUPER et al. 2012
Diporiphora ameliae — CHAPPLE et al. 2019: 73 
DistributionAustralia (C Queensland)

Type locality: Valetta Stn, SW corner (24° 14’ 06” S, 143° 05’ 49.9” E)  
TypesHolotype: QM J91277 male, 20 Feb 2012. Paratypes: (16 specimens) QMJ63960 male, Bladensberg NP, 2.2 km from Skull Hole turnoff (22° 33’ S,
142° 58’ E); QMJ85110 male, QMJ85111 female, Bladensberg NP Bough Shed Campsite (22° 33’ 43” S, 142° 57’ 38” E); QMJ51539 male, Bladensburg NP, 20 km S Winton (22° 41’S, 143° 02’ E); QMJ60066 male, Noonbah Station backwater of house dam (24° 07’ S, 143° 11’ E); QMJ59946 male, Valetta Station SW corner of Bore Rd (24° 10’ S, 143° 12’ E); QMJ88274 female, QMJ 88275 female, Valetta Station (24° 13’ 27” S, 143° 05’ 46” E); QMJ88858 female, Valetta Stn (24° 13’ 51” S, 143° 05 49’ E); QMJ83518 male, Valetta Station (24° 14’ 03” S, 143° 05’ 30” E); QMJ59952 female, Valetta Stn SW corner of Bore Rd (24° 14’ S, 143° 05’ E); QMJ91278 male, QMJ91279 male, QMJ91280 male, QMJ91281 female Valetta Stn, SW corner (24° 14’ 06” S, 143° 05’ 49.9” E); QMJ51656 female Valetta Stn, 160 km S Longreach (24° 15’ S, 143° 06’ E). 
DiagnosisDiagnosis: Diporiphora ameliae sp. nov. is a small dragon (max SVL = 67 mm) which usually has a well developed ventral body pattern consisting of four longitudinal grey stripes on a cream background. The throat and gular area bear three distinctive dark V-shaped markings that converge anteriorly; the middle two of which are continuous with the ventral body pattern. It has a bluntly rounded snout, a small postauricular fold bearing a series of small spines, a scapular fold, gular fold absent, usually 2 preanal pores on each side and no femoral pores. The scales on the dorsal surface of the head are strongly keeled as are those on the throat and ventral surface of the body. There is no distinctive axillary blotch. It has a single pleurodont tooth (canine) on the maxillary. 
EtymologyNamed for Ms Amelia Emmott, a fourth generation custodian of Valetta/Noonbah Station—the type locality. 
  • Chapple, David G.; Reid Tingley, Nicola J. Mitchell, Stewart L. Macdonald, J. Scott Keogh, Glenn M. Shea, Philip Bowles, Neil A. Cox, John C. Z. Woinarski 2019. The Action Plan for Australian Lizards and Snakes 2017. CSIRO, 663 pp. DOI: 10.1071/9781486309474 - get paper here
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  • COUPER, PATRICK; JANE MELVILLE, ANGUS EMMOTT AND STEPHANIE N. J. CHAPPLE 2012. A new species of Diporiphora from the Goneaway Tablelands of Western Queensland. Zootaxa 3556: 39–54 - get paper here
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