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Enyalioides rudolfarndti VENEGAS, DURAN, LANDAURO & LUJAN, 2011

IUCN Red List - Enyalioides rudolfarndti - Least Concern, LC

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Higher TaxaHoplocercidae, Iguania, Sauria, Squamata (lizards) 
Common Names 
SynonymEnyalioides rudolfarndti VENEGAS, DURAN, LANDAURO & LUJAN 2011 
DistributionC Peru (Oxapampa: Yanachaga Chemillen National Park)

Type locality: Pan de Azucar trail near the Puesto de Control Huampal in the YCNP (10°11 ́03 ́ ́ S 75°34 ́27 ́ ́ W; WGS 84) at 1050 m elevation, Provincia de Oxapampa, Región de Pasco, Peru  
TypesHolotype: CORBIDI 07209 (Figs. 1–2), an adult male, collected on 16.VIII.2010 by P. J. Venegas.
Paratypes. CORBIDI 07210 and 07213, an adult female and a juvenile, respectively, collected with the holo- type by P. J. Venegas, V. Duran, C. Z. Landauro, and L. Lujan. CORBIDI 07212, an adult male from the same loca- tion of the holotype but taken on 19.VIII.2010 by P. J. Venegas. 
CommentAbundance: only known from its original description (Meiri et al. 2017). 
EtymologyThe specific name is a patronym for Dr. Rudolf G. Arndt of Pomona, New Jersey, USA, in recognition of his financial support for the improvement of the herpetological collection of CORBIDI through the BIOPAT-Programme. 
  • Meiri, Shai; Aaron M. Bauer, Allen Allison, Fernando Castro-Herrera, Laurent Chirio, Guarino Colli, Indraneil Das, Tiffany M. Doan, Frank Glaw, Lee L. Grismer, Marinus Hoogmoed, Fred Kraus, Matthew LeBreton, Danny Meirte, Zoltán T. Nagy, Cristiano d 2017. Extinct, obscure or imaginary: the lizard species with the smallest ranges. Diversity and Distributions - get paper here
  • Venegas PJ, Torres-Carvajal O, Duran V, de Queiroz K 2013. Two sympatric new species of woodlizards (Hoplocercinae, Enyalioides) from Cordillera Azul National Park in northeastern Peru. ZooKeys 277: 69–90. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.277.3594 - get paper here
  • VENEGAS, PABLO J.; VILMA DURAN, CAROLL Z. LANDAURO & LESLY LUJAN 2011. A distinctive new species of wood lizard (Hoplocercinae, Enyalioides) from the Yanachaga Chemillen National Park in central Peru. Zootaxa 3109: 39–48 - get paper here
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