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Epicrates maurus GRAY, 1849

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Higher TaxaBoidae (Boinae), Henophidia, Alethinophidia, Serpentes, Squamata (snakes) 
Common NamesE: Brown Rainbow Boa
G: Braune Regenbogenboa
S: Boa tornasol, Boa tornasol mamona, mapaná, morada, pintada 
SynonymEpicrates maurus GRAY 1849: 96
Cliftia fusca GRAY 1849: 99
Epicarsius cupreus FISCHER 1856
Epicrates cupreus — JAN 1864
Epicrates cupreus var. concolor JAN 1863
Epicrates cenchria var. fusca — GRIFFIN 1916:168
Epicrates cenchria maurus — STULL 1935: 238
Epicrates cenchria barbouri STULL 1938: 300
Epicrates cenchria maurus — STULL 1935
Epicrates cenchria maurus — PETERS & OREJAS-MIRANDA 1970
Epicrates cenchria maurus — FREIBERG 1982
Epicrates maurus — CHIPPAUX 1987: 37
Epicrates maurus — STARACE 1998: 105
Epicrates maurus — GORZULA & SEÑARIS 1999
Epicrates cenchria maurus — BOOS 2001: 64
Epicrates cenchria — SOLORZANO 2004
Epicrates maurus colombianus MATZ 2005
Epicrates maurus guyanensis MATZ 2005
Epicrates maurus — MATZ 2005
Epicrates maurus — PASSOS & FERNANDES 2008
Epicrates maurus — WALLACH et al. 2014: 273 
DistributionNicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela (Merida, Cojedes), Guyana, Suriname, French Guyana, N Brazil (Pará: HR 33: 67), Trinidad, Tobago, Isla Margarita, French Guiana.

Type locality: “Venezuela”

colombianus: Colombia, NW Venezuela, W Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua. Type locality: Comomia, without exact locality.

guyanensis: French Guiana, Suriname. Type locality: Mana, Guyane francaise.  
Reproductionviviparous; there is evidence for parthenogenesis in this species (BOOTH et al. 2011). 
TypesHolotype: NHM 1946.1.10.40
Holotype: lost (presumed) [fusca]
Holotype: MCZ 22442 [barbouri]
Holotype: MNHN 2000.4319 [colombianus]
Holotype: MNHN 2000.4291 [guayanensis] 
CommentSynonymy mostly after PASSOS & FERNANDES 2008.

Habitat: in open areas (savannahs) in Suriname. 
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