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Eremias scripta (STRAUCH, 1867)

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Higher TaxaLacertidae, Eremiadinae, Sauria, Lacertoidea, Squamata (lizards)
SubspeciesEremias scripta lasdini (TZAREVSKY 1918)
Eremias scripta pherganensis SZCZERBAK & VASHETKO 1973
Eremias scripta scripta (STRAUCH 1867) 
Common NamesE: Sand Racerunner 
SynonymPodarces (Scapteira) scripta STRAUCH 1867
Scapteira scripta — BOULENGER 1887: 112
Scapteira scripta — BOETTGER 1888
Scaptira [sic] scripta — ALCOCK & FINN 1897: 559
Eremias (Rhabderemias) scripta — LANTZ 1928: 90
Eremias scripta — SMITH 1935: 386
Scapteira bilkewitschi NIKOLSKY 1905
Scapteira grum-grzimailoi NIKOLSKY 1915 (part.)
Scapteira ladzini TZAREVSKY 1918
Rhabderemias scripta — LANTZ 1928
Eremias (Rhabderemias) scripta — BISCHOFF 1978
Rhabderemias scripta — DAS 1996: 49
Eremias scripta — LAMBERT 2002
Eremias scripta — SZCZERBAK 2003
Eremias (Rhabderemias) scripta — SINDACO & JEREMČENKO 2008: 232
Eremias scripta — NASRABADI et al. 2017

Eremias scripta lasdini (TZAREVSKY 1918)
Scapteira lasdini TZAREVSKY 1918: 84
Scapteira bilkewitschi NIKOLSKY 1905:486
Eremias scripta lasdini — BORKIN & DAREVSKY 1987
Eremias (Rhabderemias) scripta lasdini — VEDMEDERYA et al. 2009
Eremias lasdini — ORLOVA et al. 2023

Eremias scripta pherganensis SZCZERBAK & WASHETKO 1973
Eremias scripta pherganensis — BORKIN & DAREVSKY 1987
Eremias scripta pherganensis — BONDARENKO 2020
Eremias scripta pherganensis — ORLOVA et al. 2023 
DistributionS Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, NE Iran, Afghanistan, NW Pakistan, SE Uzbekistan, SW Tajikistan, Fergana Valley in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan

Type locality: Transcaspia; “Aralo-Caspian desert” fide ANDERSON 1999.

lasdini: SE Uzbekistan

pherganensis: Fergana Valley  
TypesLectotype: ZISP (ZIL) 3669 (designated by Szczerbak, 1974:213)
Holotype: ZISP 12107, Uzbekistan, Surxondaryo Region, Sands Katta-Kumy, vicinity Termez, 18.05.1915, Coll. V.J. Lazdin [lasdini]
Holotype: NMNHU (Zoological Museum named after N.N. Szczerbak National Museum of Natural History, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev) Re 6, Uzbekistan, Fergana Valley, Ak-Kum sands, 35.05.1969, Coll. E.V. Vashetko [pherganensis] 
DiagnosisDiagnosis: Subocular borders mouth; lateral scales of fourth toe in complete row for entire length of toe, forming distinct fringe, 2 complete rows of subdigital scales, i.e., total of 4 scales counted around fourth toe (except extra scale may be present atjoints) (Anderson 1999: 224, Fig. 108). 
CommentSynonymy partly after KHALIKOV & ANANJEVA (pers. comm.) 
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