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Eryx johnii (RUSSELL, 1801)

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Higher TaxaBoidae (Erycinae), Henophidia, Serpentes (snakes) 
SubspeciesEryx johnii johnii (RUSSELL 1801)
Eryx johnii persicus NIKOLSKI 1907 
Common NamesE: Brown Sand Boa, Indian Sand Boa, Red Sand Boa
G: Indische Sandboa; persicus: Persische Sandboa 
SynonymBoa Johnii RUSSELL 1801
Boa anguiformis SCHNEIDER 1801: 269
Clothonia Johnii — GRAY 1842: 45
Eryx Johnii — DUMÉRIL & BIBRON 1844: 458
Eryx maculatus HALLOWELL 1848: 184
Eryx duvaucelii, D’ORBIGNY 1849 (fide MCDIARMID, pers. comm. 19 Aug 2011)
Eryx johnii BOULENGER 1893: 127
Eryx johni johni — SMITH 1943
Eryx johnii — MCDIARMID, CAMPBELL & TOURÉ 1999: 206
Eryx johnii johnii — MURTHY 2010

Eryx johnii persicus NIKOLSKI 1907
Eryx johnii persicus — JONES 2004 
DistributionAfghanistan, Pakistan, Iran
India (Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra [A. Captain, pers. Comm.], Punjab [Dino Aulakh, pers. comm.], Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh)

Type locality: Tranquebar [= Tanjore district, SE Madras, India] Map legend:
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TypesSyntypes: unlocated fide MCDIARMID et al. 1999 
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