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Eutropis austini BATUWITA, 2016

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Higher TaxaScincidae, Mabuyinae (Mabuyini), Scincoidea, Sauria, Squamata (lizards)
Common Names 
SynonymEutropis austini BATUWITA 2016
Eutropis madaraszi — SOMAWEERA & SOMAWEERA 2009, in part.
Eutropis austini — BATUWITA et al. 2020 
DistributionSri Lanka (Gannoruwa Forest Reserve)

Type locality: Gannoruwa Forest Reserve, near Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, 07°17’10"N, 80°35’30’’ E, elevation 700 m  
TypesHolotype: NMSL (= WHT) 7003, male, 75.0 mm SVL, 13 August 2005, collected by S. Batuwita.
Paratypes. (all from Sri Lanka) NMSL (= WHT) 6979, male, 47.5 mm SVL, same location data as holotype, 2 November 2002, collected by S. Batuwita, A. Silva, and K. P. Maduwage; NMSL (= WHT) 6758, female, 66.0 mm SVL, Corbett’s Gap, Knuckles Range, 078220N, 808510E, 1,100 m, 30 June 2005, collected by S. Batuwita; NMSL (= WHT) 2049, male, 71.0 mm SVL, Puwakpitiya, Knuckles Range, 078340N, 808450E, 450 m, 1 September 1997, collected by M. M. Bahir and D. Gabadage; NMSL RSK 5, female, 66.0 mm SVL, no collection data; NMSL RSK 10B, female, 61.0 mm SVL, no locality data, July 1939; NMSL (= WHT) uncatalogued, male, 60.8 mm SVL, Meemure, Knuckles Range, 078260N, 808500 E, 500 m. [coordinates messed up, sorry] 
DiagnosisDiagnosis: Maximum SVL 75.0 mm; supranasals widely separated; postnasals absent; prefrontals widely separated; first and second supraoculars in contact with frontal; frontoparietals paired, as long as wide, in contact with second, third, and fourth supraoculars; interparietal as long as frontoparietal; parietal eye present; nuchals one or two pairs; supraciliaries five; third supraciliary distinctly elongate; pretemporals two, only upper in contact with parietal; secondary temporals two, separated by tertiary temporal scale; supralabials seven; postsupralabials two; lower eyelid scaly; postmental in contact with first infralabial and partially contacting second infralabial; first pair of chin shields in contact medially; keels on body scales 5–8; paravertebral scales 34–39; ventral scales 49–54; longitudinal scale rows at midbody 28–31; subdigital lamellae under fourth digit of pes 16–18; dorsal coloration bronze brown; and skin not fragile. 
EtymologyThe species name is a patronym in the Latin genitive singular, in honor of Christopher C. Austin, for his contributions to the systematics of the scincid fauna of Sri Lanka. 
  • Batuwita, Sudesh 2016. Description of Two New Species of Eutropis (Reptilia: Scincidae) from Sri Lanka with a Redescription of Eutropis madaraszi (Méhely). Journal of Herpetology 50 (3): 486-496. - get paper here
  • Somaweera, R. & Somaweera, N. 2009. Lizards of Sri Lanka: a colour guide with field keys. Chimaira, Frankfurt, 304 pp.
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