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Gallotia caesaris LEHRS, 1914

IUCN Red List - Gallotia caesaris - Least Concern, LC

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Higher TaxaLacertidae (Gallotiinae), Sauria, Lacertoidea, Squamata (lizards)
SubspeciesGallotia caesaris caesaris (LEHRS 1914)
Gallotia caesaris gomerae (BOETTGER & MÜLLER 1914) 
Common NamesE: Boettger’s Lizard 
SynonymGallotia caesaris caesaris (LEHRS 1914)
Lacerta caesaris LEHRS 1914: 681
Lacerta galloti caesaris — BOETTGER & MÜLLER 1914
Lacerta caesaris — BOULENGER 1920
Lacerta galloti caesaris — MERTENS 1934
Gallotia galloti caesaris — BISCHOFF 1985
Gallotia galloti caesaris — GONZALEZ et al. 1996
Gallotia galloti caesaris — BISCHOFF 1998
Gallotia caesaris — BANNERT 1998
Gallotia caesaris caesaris — SCHÄBERLE & SCHÄBERLE 2019

Gallotia caesaris gomerae (BOETTGER & MÜLLER 1914)
Lacerta galloti gomerae BOETTGER & MÜLLER 1914
Lacerta caesaris gomerae — BOULENGER 1920
Lacerta galloti gomerae — MERTENS 1934
Gallotia galloti gomerae — BISCHOFF 1984
Gallotia galloti gomerae — BISCHOFF 1985
Gallotia galloti gomerae — GONZALEZ et al. 1996
Gallotia caesaris gomerae — BISCHOFF 1998 
DistributionSpain (Canary Islands, El Hierro, La Gomera); introduced to Madeira

caesaris: El Hierro; Type locality: El Hierro

gomerae: Gomera; Type locality: La Gomera  
TypesSyntypes: private collection of P. LEHRS, Spain, Canary Islands, Hierro.
Holotype: SMF 13453, male [gomerae] 
CommentA footnote in the description refers to a “preliminary description” in no. 134 (p. 41) of the PZS, which we couldn’t locate, hence we consider the formally published paper on p. 681 as original description.

Distribution not adjusted for splitting galloti and caesaris. Not on Tenerife and La Palma (A. Vilado, pers. comm.) 
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