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Hemidactylus bowringii (GRAY, 1845)

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Higher TaxaGekkonidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos) 
Common NamesE: Sikkimese Dark-Spotted Gecko, Bowring’s or Asian smooth gecko, Oriental Leaf-toed Gecko
G: Bowrings Gecko
Chinese: 原尾蜥虎 
SynonymDoryura Bowringii GRAY 1845: 156
Lacerta chinensis OSBECK 1765 ?
Leiurus berdmorei BLYTH 1853: 646
Doryura berdmorei — THEOBALD 1868: 29
Hemidactylus coctaei GÜNTHER 1872 (not of DUMÉRIL & BIBRON)
Hemidactylus coctaei — BOULENGER 1885: 137
Hemidactylus bowringii BOULENGER 1885: 139
Hemidactylus bowringii — STEJNEGER 1907: 176
Hemidactylus bowringii — KLUGE 1993
Hemidactylus bowringii — RÖSLER 2000: 85
Hemidactylus cf. bowringii — MAHONY et al. 2009
Hemidactylus bowringii — RÖSLER 2016: 8 
DistributionS China,Taiwan, Hong Kong; Vietnam (Ha Noi [Darevsky et al., 1986; Bao Lac [Ho, Nguyen, 1981]; Hon Thom Island [Darevsky, 1990]; Ku Lao Pan Jang Island [Darevsky, 1990], Myanmar (= Burma), Nepal, Bhutan,
Japan (Ryukyu Islands = Okinawa)

Type locality: unknown; restricted to Hongkong or vicinity by SMITH 1935.  
TypesLectotype: BMNH 2007.1 (designated by McMahan & Zug, 2007). 
CommentSynonymy partly after STEJNEGER 1907.

Distribution: specimens reported from India have been assigned to H. aquilonius (PURKAYASHTA et al. 2010). 
Etymologynamed after John Charles Bowring (1821-1893), who donated the types to J.E. Gray. 
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