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Iberolacerta aurelioi (ARRIBAS, 1994)

IUCN Red List - Iberolacerta aurelioi - Endangered, EN

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Higher TaxaLacertidae, Sauria, Lacertoidea, Squamata (lizards) 
Common NamesE: Aurelio’s Rock Lizard
G: Aurelios-Gebirgseidechse 
SynonymLacerta aurelioi ARRIBAS 1994
Iberolacerta (Pyrenesaura) aurelioi — ARRIBAS 1997
Iberolacerta aurelioi — CROCHET et al. 2004
Lacerta (Iberolacerta) aurelioi — CARRANZA et al. 2004
Iberolacerta aurelioi — ARNOLD et al. 2007
Lacerta (Iberolacerta) aurelioi — SINDACO & JEREMČENKO 2008 
DistributionSpain (Eastern Pyrenees, province LÚrida, Pica d'Estats mountains), Andorra

Type locality: “Estany de Sotillo, Macizo de la Pica d’Estats, Lérida, España, 2400 m” elevation. Map legend:
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TypesHolotype: CA 91070110 
Etymologynamed after the father of the author, Aurelio Arribas. 
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