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Kinyongia gyrolepis GREENBAUM, TOLLEY, JOMA & KUSAMBA, 2012

IUCN Red List - Kinyongia gyrolepis - Data Deficient, DD

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Higher TaxaChamaeleonidae, Sauria, Iguania, Squamata (lizards) 
Common NamesCircular-scaled Chameleon 
SynonymKinyongia gyrolepis GREENBAUM, TOLLEY, JOMA & KUSAMBA 2012 
DistributionDemocractic Republic of the Congo (Lendu Plateau, west of Lake Albert)

Type locality: DRC, Orientale Province, Aboro, 2.1115°N, 30.8338°E (datum = WGS84), 2142 m elevation.  
TypesHolotype: UTEP 20338 (field no. EBG 2436), adult female, 7 July 2009, collected by E. Greenbaum, C. Kusamba, M. M. Aristote, and W. Moninga. 
CommentSympatry: Trioceros sp., Adolfus jacksoni, Congolacerta vauereselli, Trachylepis megalura, and T. striata. Acanthocercus atricollis kiwuensis was collected on lower elevations of the Lendu Plateau east of Bunia. 
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  • Greenbaum, Eli; Krystal A. Tolley, Abdulmeneem Joma, and Chifundera Kusamba 2012. A New Species of Chameleon (Sauria: Chamaeleonidae: Kinyongia) from the Northern Albertine Rift, Central Africa. Herpetologica 68 (1): 60-75. - get paper here
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