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Laudakia tuberculata (GRAY, 1827)

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Higher TaxaAgamidae (Agaminae), Sauria, Iguania, Squamata (lizards) 
Common NamesE: Tuberculated Agama, Kashmir Rock Agama
Chinese: 南亚岩蜥 
SynonymAgama tuberculata GRAY 1827: 218
Agama tuberculata — DUMÉRIL & BIBRON 1837: 488
Stellio indicus BLYTH 1853: 646
Stellio tuberculatus — GÜNTHER 1864
Agama tuberculata — BOULENGER 1885: 361
Agama tuberculata — SMITH 1935: 214
Agama tuberculata — MINTON 1966
Agama tuberculata — SURA 1989
Laudakia tuberculata — DAS 1996: 44
Laudakia tuberculata — MACEY et al. 2000
Laudakia tuberculata — BAIG et al. 2012: 251
Laudakia tuberculata — BAIG et al. 2012: 25 
DistributionN Pakistan
India (W Himalaya, Kashmir, Punjab, Jammu, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh),
Nepal (Katmandu, Chitlong), E Afghanistan
China (Xizang = Tibet)

According to BAIG et al. 2012 in “E Afghanistan, NW Pakistan, Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, India, SW Nepal.”

Type locality: India; restricted to Bengal by SMITH 1935.

indicus: Type locality: “Mirzapore [= Wazirabad, upper Hindustan].”  
TypesSyntypes: BMNH 1946.8.28.17/ 
DiagnosisDiagnosis (genus). Head and body depressed; head scales smooth or rugose; no gular pouch; usually no patch of enlarged or spinose scales on flanks (but present in some species); gular scales smooth; ventral scales smooth; vertebral scales enlarged, sometimes with median rows of small scales; groups of spinose scales on neck and sides of head; tail segment of two to four whorls, usually three to four [BAIG et al. 2012].
CommentSynonymy: Stellio dayanus STOLIZKA 1871 has been removed from the synonymy of L. tuberculata by BAIG & BÖHME (1997). Synonymy mostly after WERMUTH 1967.

Type species: Agama tuberculata GRAY 1827 is the type species of the genus Laudakia GRAY 1845: 254.

Type species: Barycephalus sykesii Günther = Agama tuberculata HARDWICKE & GRAY, 1827) is the type species of the genus Barycephalus Günther (non Barycephalus Brauns, 1895 [= Hymenoptera]), now a synonym of Laudakia. 
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