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Leiocephalus raviceps COPE, 1863

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Higher TaxaLeiocephalidae, Iguania, Sauria, Squamata (lizards) 
SubspeciesLeiocephalus raviceps raviceps COPE 1863
Leiocephalus raviceps delavarai GARRIDO 1973
Leiocephalus raviceps jaumei SCHWARTZ & GARRIDO 1968
Leiocephalus raviceps kilinikowski SCHWARTZ 1960
Leiocephalus raviceps uzzelli SCHWARTZ 1960 
Common NamesMountain Curlytail Lizard 
SynonymLiocephalus raviceps COPE 1863: 183
Leiocephalus raviceps — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1991: 446
Leiocephalus raviceps — RODRÍGUEZ SCHETTINO 1999: 130 
DistributionE Cuba with disjunct populations in Matanzas and Pinar Delaware Rio Provinces.

raviceps: Cuba (southeastern coast from Bahia de Guantánamo to north of Cajobabo and north to Jamaica). Type locality: Eastern Cuba; restricted by Gundlach, 1880, to mountains near Guantánamo, Guantánamo Province, Cuba.

delavarai: central Holguin Province. Type locality: “arenal Los Cocos, a seis km de Gibara”

jaumei: SW Pinar del Rio Province.

klinikowskii: N Matanzas Province.

uzzelli: SE coast from Bahia de Guantánamo to La Socapa.

INCERTAE SEDIS: Specimens from Baracoa and Cayo Lanzanillo northeast of Isabela de Sagua have not been assigned to subspecies.  
TypesSyntypes: ANSP 8601-03, MCZ 10928, USNM4162.
Holotype: IZ 2774 [delavarai]
Holotype: IZ 349 [jaumei]
Holotype: AMNH 83326 [klinikowski]
Holotype: AMNH 79321 [uzzelli] 
CommentFor illustrations see Barbour and Ramsden, 1919; Schwartz, 1960. 
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