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Leiocephalus stictigaster SCHWARTZ, 1959

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Higher TaxaLeiocephalidae, Iguania, Sauria, Squamata (lizards) 
SubspeciesLeiocephalus stictigaster stictigaster SCHWARTZ 1959
Leiocephalus stictigaster astictus SCHWARTZ 1959
Leiocephalus stictigaster celeustes SCHWARTZ & GARRIDO 1968
Leiocephalus stictigaster exotheotus SCHWARTZ 1959
Leiocephalus stictigaster gibarensis SCHWARTZ & GARRIDO 1968
Leiocephalus stictigaster lipomator SCHWARTZ & GARRIDO 1968
Leiocephalus stictigaster lucianus SCHWARTZ 1960
Leiocephalus stictigaster naranjoi SCHWARTZ & GARRIDO 1968
Leiocephalus stictigaster ophiplacodes SCHWARTZ 1964
Leiocephalus stictigaster parasphex SCHWARTZ 1964
Leiocephalus stictigaster septentrionalis GARRIDO 1975
Leiocephalus stictigaster sierrae SCHWARTZ 1959 
Common NamesCabo Corrientes Curlytail lizard 
SynonymLeiocephalus stictigaster SCHWARTZ 1959:121
Holotropis microlophus DUMÉRIL & BIBRON 1837 (part)
Liocephalus [sic] vittatus BOULENGER 1885: 163 (part)
Leiocephalus cubensis BARBOUR 1916 (part)
Leiocephalus stictigaster — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1991: 452
Leiocephalus stictigaster — RODRÍGUEZ SCHETTINO 1999: 143

Leiocephalus stictigaster septentrionalis GARRIDO 1975
Leiocephalus stictigaster septentrionalis — ESTRADA 1998 
DistributionCuba (island-wide but scattered), Isla de la Juventud

Leiocephalus stictigaster stictigaster: Peninsula de Guanahacabibes; intergrades with L. s. sierrae in east. Type locality: Beach on Cabo Corrientes, Pinar del Rio Province, Cuba.

astictus: Isla de la Juventud, south of Ciénaga de Lanier.

celeustes: vicinity of Bueycito, Jaraquito, Contramaestre, Jiguani; perhaps also at Santa Maria de Loreto.

exotheotus: Isla de la Juventud, north of Ciénaga de Lanier.

gibarensis: northern Holguin and Las Tunas provinces.

lipomator: central Villa Clara Province.

lucianus: northern Camagüey coast.

naranjoi: south-central coast, Cienfuegos and Sancti Spiritus provinces.

ophiplacodes: serpentine savannas of Camagüey Province.

parasphex: Cayo Sabinal; probably also Cayo Romano.

septentrionalis: Archipiélago de Sabana-Camagüey.

sierrae: Pinar del Rio Province, in both lowlands and uplands of Sierra de bs Ôrganos and Sierra del Rosario.

INCERTAE SEDIS: Specimens from Sierra de la Gran Piedra, Santiago de Cuba Province, west of Bahia de Cienfuegos, Cienfuegos Province, and Girdn, Matanzas Province, are unassigned subspecifically.  
TypesHolotype: AMNH 77864.
Holotype: AMNH 81095 [astictus]
Holotype: CZACC = IZ 1182 [celeustes]
Holotype: AMNH 81066 [exotheotus]
Holotype: CZACC = IZ 1236 [gibarensis]
Holotype: CZACC = IZ 1230 [lipomator]
Holotype: AMNH 83583 [lucianus]
Holotype: CZACC = IZ 200 [naranjoi]
Holotype: AMNH 92771 [ophiplacodes]
Holotype: AMNH 92153 [parasphex]
Holotype: CZACC = IZ 3425 [septentrionalis]
Holotype: AMNH 77813 [sierrae] 
CommentFor illustrations see Schwartz, 1959; Schwartz, 1964; Schwartz and Garrido, 1968.

Subspecies: all recognized by Pregill 1992. 
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