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Liolaemus scorialis TRONCOSO-PALACIOS, DÍAZ, ESQUERRÉ & URRA, 2015

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Higher TaxaLiolaemidae, Iguania, Sauria, Squamata (lizards) 
Common NamesE: Slag Lizard
S: Lagarto del escorial 
SynonymLiolaemus scorialis TRONCOSO-PALACIOS, DÍAZ, ESQUERRÉ & URRA 2015
Liolaemus buergeri — PINCHEIRA-DONOSO 2001: 8 (part?)
Liolaemus buergeri — PINCHEIRA-DONOSO & NÚÑEZ, 2005: 285 (part?) 
DistributionChile (Biobío Region)

Type locality: 7 km NW of the summit of the Antuco Volcano, near the Laja Lagoon, Biobío Region, Chile (37°21'S – 71°23'W, 1450 m elevation)  
TypesHolotype: SSUC Re 617 (Fig. 1). Male. Collected by J. Troncoso-Palacios, F. Urra and H. Díaz. 08/01/2014.
Paratypes. SSUC Re 615–16 two males and 612–614 three females (Figs 1 and 3). The same data as the holotype. MRC 675, 677, 680, 682. Four males. La Mula Lagoon (37°53'S – 71°22'W), Ralco National Reserve. Unknown coll. 01/12/2001. 
EtymologyThe species name refers to the habitat, which is composed of accumulations of igneous rocks from the Antuco Volcano, called “scoria” from the Greek “skoria”. 
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