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Lygodactylus luteopicturatus PASTEUR, 1964

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Higher TaxaGekkonidae, Sauria (lizards: geckos) 
SubspeciesLygodactylus luteopicturatus zanzibaritis PASTEUR 1964
Lygodactylus luteopicturatus luteopicturatus PASTEUR 1964 
Common NamesYellow-headed dwarf gecko 
SynonymLygodactylus luteopicturatus PASTEUR 1964
Lygodactylus luteopicturatus — KLUGE 1993

Lygodactylus luteopicturatus luteopicturatus PASTEUR 1964
Lygodactylus luteopicturatus luteopicturatus — BROADLEY & HOWELL 1991: 10
Lygodactylus (Lygodactylus) luteopicturatus luteopicturatus — RÖSLER 2000: 93

Lygodactylus luteopicturatus zanzibaritis PASTEUR 1964
Lygodactylus luteopicturatus zanzibaritis — BROADLEY & HOWELL 1991: 10
Lygodactylus (Lygodactylus) luteopicturatus zanzibaritis — RÖSLER 2000: 93 
DistributionS Kenya, E Tanzania, Zanzibar Island

Type locality: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania [luteopicturatus]
Type locality: Zanzibar, Tanzania [zanzibaritis] Map legend:
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CommentRÖLL (2004) synonymized Lygodactylus luteopicturatus with L. picturatus without discussing the status of L. l. zanzibaritis further. 
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