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Microlophus pacificus (STEINDACHNER, 1876)

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Higher TaxaTropiduridae, Iguania, Sauria, Squamata (lizards)
Common NamesE: Common Pacific Iguana 
SynonymTropidurus (Craniopeltis) pacificus STEINDACHNER 1876
Leiocephalus pacificus — GÜNTHER 1877
Tropidurus pacificus — BOULENGER 1885: 173
Tropidurus abingdonensis BAUR 1890
Tropidurus abingdonii (sic) BAUR 1890 (fide BOULENGER 1891)
Tropidurus pacificus — VAN DENBURGH & SLEVIN 1913
Microlophus pacificus — FROST 1992: 48
Microlophus pacificus— SWASH & STILL 2000 
DistributionGalapagos: Pinta (Ecuador)

Type locality: “Indefatigable ?” (= Isla Santa Cruz) and Bindloe (= Isla Marchena), Galapagos.  
TypesType: unlocated (fide TORRES-CARVAJAL 2001); NMW fide Steindachner 1876
Syntypes: USNM 14966-15001, INHS (= UIMNH) [abingdonensis] 
CommentSynonymy: BOULENGER 1891 considered Tropidurus abingdonensis BAUR 1890 as synonyms of Microlophus pacificus

BOULENGER (1891) gives the author as PETERS 1871.

The types are not located fide TORRES-CARVAJAL (2001). The SYNTYPE of abingdonensis are UIMNH 40749 (USNM 14998). 
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