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Monopeltis vanderysti DE WITTE, 1922

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Higher TaxaAmphisbaenidae, Amphisbaenia, Lacertoidea, Squamata 
SubspeciesMonopeltis vanderysti vanderysti (DE WITTE 1922)
Monopeltis vanderysti closei LAURENT 1954
Monopeltis vanderysti lujae (DE WITTE 1922) 
Common NamesVanderyst Worm Lizard 
SynonymMonopeltis vanderysti DE WITTE 1922: 66
Monopeltis vanderysti vanderysti — DE WITTE & LAURENT 1942
Monopeltis vanderysti vilhenai LAURENT 1954: 66
Monopeltis vanderysti closei LAURENT 1954: 68
Monopeltis lujae WITTE 1922: 67
Monopeltis vanderysti — BROADLEY 1998
Monopeltis vanderysti — GANS 2005: 37
Monopeltis vanderysti — MARQUES et al. 2018

Monopeltis vanderysti lujae (DE WITTE 1922)
Monopeltis lujae DE WITTE 1922
Monopeltis vanderysti lujae — DE WITTE & LAURENT 1942: 74
Monopeltis vanderysti lujae — LAURENT 1952: 203 
DistributionW/C/S Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire), Angola

Type locality: ‘‘Wombali; Leverville (dist. du Kwango); Lac Leopold II; Kasai’’, Congo; restricted to ‘‘Wombali (dist. Lac Leopold II),’’ Democratic Republic of Congo (Gans, 1967).  
TypesLectotype: MRAC (was RGMC) 1872 (Gans, 1967a). Lectoparatypes: RGMC 897 (Lac Leopold II); RGMC 962 (Kasai); RGMC 2309 (Leverville, Kwango).
Holotype: MRAC (was RGMC) 14702 (14502 in error). Paratypes: RGMC 11953; also RGMC 14581 [closei] 
CommentSynonyms and subspecies that of Broadley et al. (1976). 
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