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Montivipera bornmuelleri (WERNER, 1898)

IUCN Red List - Montivipera bornmuelleri - Endangered, EN

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Higher TaxaViperidae, Viperinae, Alethinophidia, Serpentes, Squamata (snakes) 
Common NamesLebanon Viper 
SynonymVipera bornmuelleri WERNER 1898: 218
Vipera lebetina bornmuelleri WERNER 1902
Daboia raddei bornmuelleri — OBST 1983: 233
Lachesis libanotica HEMPRICH 1827 (nomen nudum)
Vipera bornmülleri — ESTERBAUER 1985
Vipera xanthina bornmuelleri — GOLAY et al. 1993: 291
Vipera bornmuelleri — WELCH 1994: 121
Vipera (Montivipera) bornmuelleri — NILSON et al. 1999: 101
Vipera bornmuelleri — MCDIARMID, CAMPBELL & TOURÉ 1999: 403
Montivipera bornmuelleri — GARRIGUES et al. 2005
Vipera (Montivipera) bornmuelleri — VENCHI & SINDACO 2006
Montivipera bulgardhaghica — PHELPS 2010 
DistributionLebanon, Israel, Syria

Type locality: “Libanon” (restricted by WERNER 1922) Map legend:
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TypesLectotype: ZSM (SLM) 1653 (lost), adult, collected by Bornüller, no date. Lectotype designation by Werner (1922). 

Synonymy: Two specimens in Werner’s type series have been described as V. bulgardaghica by NILSON & ANDREN (1985) which is a synonym of Vipera xanthina (JOGER, pers. comm.).

Distribution: Has been erroneously reported from Jordan (e.g. by Harding and Welch 1980).

Reproduction: (ovo-) viparous. 
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