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Higher TaxaViperidae, Crotalinae, Colubroidea, Alethinophidia, Serpentes, Squamata (snakes) 
Common NamesEmerald Horned Pitviper 
SynonymOphryacus smaragdinus GRÜNWALD, JONES, FRANZ-CHÁVEZ & AHUMADA-CARILLO 2015
Ophryacus undulatus — FLORES-VILLELA et al. 1992: 249.
Ophryacus undulatus — CAMARILLO 1995: 196.
Ophryacus undulatus — CAMPBELL & LAMAR 2004: 454 (in part).
Ophryacus undulatus — MENDOZA-PAZ et al. 2006: 109 (in part).
Ophryacus undulatus — RAMÍREZ-BAUTISTA et al. 2010: 77
Ophryacus undulatus — SOLANO-ZAVALETA et al. 2010: 381
Ophryacus undulatus — RAMÍREZ-BAUTISTA et al. 2014: 177 
DistributionMexico (Veracruz, Hidalgo, Puebla, Oaxaca), elevation 1,400 - 2,400 m

Type locality: Los Ocotes (20.601542, -98.469708; datum WGS 84; elev. 2,150 m asl), Zilacatipan, Municipio de Huayacocotola, Veracruz, Sierra Madre Oriental, Mexico  
TypesHolotype: MZFC 29290, adult female, collected by Jason M. Jones and Iván T. Ahumada-Carrillo on 2 November 2013.
Paratypes: Seven specimens. MEXICO: HIDALGO: El Potrero, Municipio de Tenango de Doria (20.314922, -98.229653; datum WGS 84; elev. 2,200 m), an adult male collected 25 August 1990 by students of the Escuela Nacional Estatal y Profesional de Iztacala, UNAM (MZFC 21140); “Doria,” Municipio de Tengano de Doria (20.314922, -98.229653; datum WGS 84; elev. 2,200 m), an adult male collected on 14 July 1990 by Efraín Hernández-García (MZFC 04825). OAXACA: San Martín Caballero, Municipio de San José Tenango (18.108175, -96.633981; datum WGS 84; elev. 1,360 m), an adult male collected 25 May 1994 by Mario Mancilla-Moreno (MZFC 13556); San Martín Caballero, Municipio de San José Tenango (18.108175, -96.633981; datum WGS 84; elev. 1,360 m), a juvenile female collected 28 May 1994, collector unknown (MZFC 13557). PUEBLA: Xucayucan, Municipio de Tlatlauquitepec (19.895744, -97.471700; datum WGS 84; elev. 1,630 m), a juvenile female collected 27 May 2005 by Israel Solano-Zavaleta (MZFC 17663). VERACRUZ: Cerro La Campana, Ticuautipan, Municipio de Xico (19.439500, -97.078078; datum WGS 84; elev. 2,045 m), a subadult female collected on 26 October 2003 by Itzel Durán Fuentes (MZFC 20582); and Zilacatipan, Municipio de Huayacocotla (20.655761, -98.424894; datum WGS 84; elev. 1,790 m), a subadult female, collected on 2 November 2013 by Jason M. Jones and Iván T. Ahumada-Carrillo (MZFC 29289). 
EtymologyThe specific epithet is derived from the Latin word smaragdinus, an adjective meaning “emerald-green,” in reference to the emerald green ground coloration exhibited by most individuals of this species. 
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