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Pantepuisaurus rodriguesi KOK, 2009

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Higher TaxaGymnophthalmidae (Cercosaurinae), Sauria, Gymnophthalmoidea, Squamata (lizards) 
Common Names 
SynonymPantepuisaurus rodriguesi KOK 2009 
DistributionW Guyana

Type locality: summit plateau of Mount Maringma, Cuyuni-Mazaruni District, Guyana (05° 12’ 57”N, 060° 35’ 07”W, 2080 m elevation).  
TypesHolotype: IRSNB 2650 (field number PK 2044), an adult male collected by Paul Benjamin, Philippe J. R. Kok and Claudius Perry, 28 November 2007 at 14h55. 
CommentType Species: Pantepuisaurus rodriguesi KOK 2009 is the type species of the genus Pantepuisaurus KOK 2009.

Subfamily: the subfamilial classification of this genus is still unresolved (T. Doan, pers. comm., 2 Jun 2014).

For diagnostic morphological characters distinguishing Marinussaurus, Amapasaurus, Anotosaura, Arthrosaura, Colobosauroides, Dryadosaura,Ecpleopus, Kaieteurosaurus, Leposoma, and Pantepuisaurus see Table 2 in PELOSO et al. 2011.

Abundance: only known from the type specimen (Meiri et al. 2017). 
EtymologyEtymology (genus): A noun in apposition, derived from “Pantepui” referring to the phytogeographic province where the type species was discovered, and the Greek sauros meaning “lizard”.

Etymology (species): The specific epithet is a noun in the genitive case, honoring Brazilian herpetologist Miguel Trefaut Rodrigues (Universidade de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil) for his huge contribution to the knowledge of the family Gymnophthalmidae using both morphological and molecular approaches. 
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