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Pareas formosensis (VAN DENBURGH, 1909)

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Higher TaxaPareatidae, Serpentes (snakes) 
Common NamesFormosa Slug Snake 
SynonymAmblycephalus formosensis VAN DENBURGH 1909
Psammodynastes compressus OSHIMA 1910
Amblycephalus kuangtungensis VOGT 1922: 141
Amblycephalus yunnanensis VOGT 1922: 142
Amblycephalus niger POPE 1928: 4
Amblycephalus monticola chinensis — MELL 1931 [1929]
Amblycephalus monticola niger — MELL 1931 [1929]
Amblycephalus komaii MAKI 1931
Pareas komaii NAKAMURA & UÉNO 1971
Pareas formosensis — HU et al. 1980
Pareas formosensis — GUO & DENG 2008
Pareas formosensis — GUO et al. 2011 

Type locality: Kanshirei, Formosa

niger (as synonym): China (Yunnan); Type locality: Yunnanfu (= Kunming Shi), Yunnan Prov., China. Map legend:
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TypesHolotype: CAS 18006
Holotype: NSMT H00529 [komaii] 
CommentSynonymy partly after ZHAO & ADLER 1993, Jiang (2004) and Guo & Deng 2009.

Similar species: Pareas formosensis and P. chinensis share very similar coloration and scale patterns (Jiang 2004). However, our molecular phylogenetic results indicate that the two species are not especially closely related within Pareas. Pareas formosensis is the sister species to P. hamptoni, and P. chinensis the sister of P. boulengeri. Close examina- tion of maxillary teeth is consistent with this result. Both P. formosensis and P. hamptoni have 7–8 maxillary teeth, while P. chinensis and P. boulengeri have only 4–5 maxillary teeth (Rao and Yang, 1992). 
EtymologyNamed after its distribution in Taiwan (= Formosa). 
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