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Higher TaxaGekkonidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos) 
Common NamesHordies’ Ground Gecko 
SynonymParoedura hordiesi GLAW, RÖSLER, INEICH, GEHRING, KÖHLER & VENCES 2014
Paroedura homalorhinus — HENKEL & SCHMIDT 1995
Paroedura karstophila — GLAW et al. 2001
Paroedura sp. “Montagne des Français” — GLAW & VENCES 2007
Paroedura sp. — D’CRUZE et al. 2007
Paroedura aff. karstophila — SCHÖNECKER 2008
Paroedura cf. karstophila — MEGSON et al. 2009 
DistributionMadagascar (Antsiranana)

Type locality: Montagne des Français (12°19‘34“S, 49°20‘09“E, 334 m above sea level), Antsiranana Province, north Madagascar  
TypesHolotype. ZSM 342/2004 (field number FGZC 639), adult male with (broken) original tail and everted hemipenes, collected on 18 February 2004 by F. Glaw, M. Puente and R. Randrianiaina. GenBank accession numbers for sequences of the holotype (Jackman et al. 2008): EF536213 (ND2), EF536239 (ND4), EF536165 (RAG1) and EF536189 (PDC).
Paratypes. All paratypes were collected in the “tsingy” limestone massif at Montagne des Français, Antsiranana province, north Madagascar. Specimens were collected on the tsingy outcrops along the way between the Hotel “Kings Lodge” (12°18’44,8’’S, 49°20’22,6’’E, 10 m a.s.l.) and the remains of the French Fort (12°19’34’’S, 49°20’09’’E, 334 m), except where other locality information and coordinates are given in the following: UAD- BA uncatalogued (FG/MV 2000-317), sex unknown, and ZSM 531/2000 (FG/MV 2000-316), adult male with everted hemipenes, both collected on 14 March 2000 by F. Glaw, K. Glaw and M. Vences; ZSM 532/2000 (no field number), adult female, collected on 21 March 2000 by F. Glaw and K. Glaw; ZSM 1108/2003 (no field number), adult female, collected on ca. 20 February 2003 by F. Glaw and R. D. Randrianiaina; ZSM 337/2004 (FGZC 634), subadult, and ZSM 338/2004 (FGZC 635), subadult, both collected at 12°19‘34“S, 49°20‘09“E, 334 m a.s.l., on 23 February 2004 by F. Glaw, M. Puente and R. D. Randrianiaina; ZSM 339/2004 (FGZC 636), adult female, ZSM 340/2004 (FGZC 637), adult female, ZSM 341/2004 (FGZC 638), adult female [original tail broken], all three with same data as holotype; ZSM 343/2004 (FGZC 640), adult male without tail, and ZSM 350/2004 (FGZC 647), adult female, both without reliable locality and collection data, but most likely with same data as holotype; UADBA uncatalogued (FGZC 612), sex unknown, collected at 12°19‘34“S, 49°20‘09“E, 334 m a.s.l., on 20-28 February 2004 by F. Glaw, M. Puente and R. D. Randrianiaina; ZSM 352/2004 (FGZC 649), adult, and ZSM 353/2004 (FGZC 650), adult female, both collected at 12°19‘34“S, 49°20‘09“E, 334 m a.s.l., on 18–23 February 2004 by F. Glaw, M. Puente and R. D. Randrianiaina; UADBA-R 70183 (FGZC 1109), adult male with everted hemipenes, UADBA-R 70185 (FGZC 1112), male, UADBA-R 70184 (FGZC 1114), adult female, ZSM 2106/2007 (FGZC 1099), juvenile, ZSM 2107/2007 (FGZC 1100), juvenile, ZSM 2113/2007 (FGZC 1115), adult female, all six collected around the remains of the French Fort (12°19’33’’S, 49°20’17’’E), collected on 27 February 2007 by P. Bora, H. Enting, F. Glaw, A. Knoll and J. Köhler; UADBA-R 70281 (FGZC 1659), sex unknown, ZSM 1530/2008 (FGZC 1660), adult female, both collected in the cave between Andavakoera and remains of French Fort, on 16 February 2008 by M. Franzen, F. Glaw, J. Köhler and Z. T. Nagy. 
CommentAbundance: only known from the type locality (Meiri et al. 2017). 
EtymologyThe specific name is dedicated to Freddy Hordies, in recognition of his support for biodiversity research and conservation through the BIOPAT initiative. 
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