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Phelsuma comorensis BOETTGER, 1913

IUCN Red List - Phelsuma comorensis - Least Concern, LC

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Higher TaxaGekkonidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos) 
Common Names 
SynonymPhelsuma laticauda var. comorensis BOETTGER 1913
Phelsuma dubia comorensis — LOVERIDGE 1942: 463
Phelsuma dubia comorensis — MERTENS 1962: 94
Phelsuma dubia comorensis — WERMUTH 1965: 128
Phelsuma comorensis — KLUGE 1993
Phelsuma comorensis — RÖSLER 2000: 101
Phelsuma comorensis — BERGHOF 2005: 70
Phelsuma comorensis — HALLMANN et al. 2008: 104 
DistributionComoro Islands (Grande Comore)

Type locality: La Grille, Grande Comore, elevation 1000 m.  
TypesLectotype: SMF 5949, male. Paralectotypes: SMF, ZMB, MCZ 21953 
CommentElevation: Phelsuma comorensis is restricted to elevations of greater than 150 m above sea level on the northern of the island's two volcanoes and is the only Phelsuma above 300 m. 
Etymologynamed after the type locality. 
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