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Phoenicolacerta kulzeri (MÜLLER & WETTSTEIN, 1932)

IUCN Red List - Phoenicolacerta kulzeri - Endangered, EN

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Higher TaxaLacertidae, Lacertinae, Sauria, Lacertoidea, Squamata (lizards)
SubspeciesPhoenicolacerta kulzeri petraea (BISCHOFF & MÜLLER 1999)
Phoenicolacerta kulzeri khazaliensis MODRÝ, NECAS, RIFAI, BISCHOFF, HAMIDAN & AMR 2013
Phoenicolacerta kulzeri kulzeri (MÜLLER & WETTSTEIN 1932) 
Common NamesE: Kulzer’s Rock Lizard 
SynonymLacerta kulzeri MÜLLER & WETTSTEIN 1932
Lacerta danfordi kulzeri — MÜLLER & WETTSTEIN 1933
Lacerta laevis kulzeri — EISELT & SCHMIDTLER 1987
Lacerta laevis kueltzeri [sic] — SINDACO et al. 1995
Phoenicolacerta kulzeri — ARNOLD et al. 2007
Lacerta (Phoenicolacerta) kulzeri kulzeri — SINDACO & JEREMČENKO 2008
Phoenicolacerta kulzeri — TAMAR et al. 2015
Phoenicolacerta kulzeri — BAR et al. 2021

Phoenicolacerta kulzeri khazaliensis MODRÝ, NECAS, RIFAI, BISCHOFF, HAMIDAN & AMR 2013
Phoenicolacerta kulzeri khazaliensis — DISI et al. 2014

Phoenicolacerta kulzeri petraea (BISCHOFF & MÜLLER 1999)
Lacerta kulzeri petraea BISCHOFF & MÜLLER 1999
Lacerta danfordi (GÜNTHER) — BARBOUR 1914 (part.)
Lacerta laevis GRAY — BOULENGER 1916: 69
Lacerta laevis kulzeri MÜLLER & WETTSTEIN 1932 (part.)
Lacerta kulzeri petraea — IN DEN BOSCH 2002
Lacerta (Phoenicolacerta) kulzeri petraea — SINDACO & JEREMČENKO 2008
Phoenicolacerta kulzeri petraea — SINDACO et al. 2014 
DistributionHigher regions of the Lebanon Mts. (presumably also in the Antilebanon, at Mount Hermon, at Djabal Druz in Syria, and near Petra in Jordan), Israel

Type locality: “Zedernwald bei Bcharré, Libanon”.

khazaliensis: S Jordan (Wadi Ramm); Type locality: Wadi Ramm, Djebel Khazali, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan  
TypesHolotype: ZSM 10/1931, paratypes: NMW
Holotype: ZFMK 73470, adult male [khazaliensis]
Holotype: ZFMK 65019, Jordanien; paratypes: JUMR. HUJ and SMF [petraea] 
CommentSynonymy: Many authors have not distinguished between L. kulzeri and L. laevis.

Distribution: see Bar et al. 2021 for a map. 
EtymologyLacerta kulzeri petraea has been named after the capital of the Roman province “Arabia Petraea”, Petra.

The species was named after the collector of the type, Hans Kulzer.

The name khazaliensis is derived from the type locality, Djebel Khaz-ali in Wadi Ramm, Jordan. 
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