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Phyllodactylus sommeri SCHWARTZ, 1979

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Higher TaxaPhyllodactylidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos)
Common NamesE: Haitian Leaf-toed Gecko, Haiti Leaf-toed Gecko 
SynonymPhyllodactylus wirshingi sommeri SCHWARTZ 1979
Phyllodactylus sommeri — WEISS & HEDGES 2007 
DistributionHispaniola, northwestern Haiti.

Type locality: 9.3 km W Cą Soleil, 92 m elevation, Departement de I'Artibonite Haiti. (Cą Soleil is the name of the intersection of the main north-southroad between Gonaïves and Cap-Haîtien, and the dirt road that goes to Coridon on the southern coast of the Presqu’île du Nord Ouest).  
TypesHolotype: MCZ 156201; paratypes: ASFS 
DiagnosisDefinition: A subspecies of Ph. wirshingi characterized by the combination of: 1) moderate size (adult male snout-vent length 58 mm,no females known); 2) 2 postmental scales in first row; 3) 4-5 postmental scales (X = 4.3) in second row; 4) preorbital snout pattern absent but vague indications of a dark V,its arms at the anterior edge of the eyes, its apex on the snout, is present in the holotype; 5) juveniles banded jet black and white,with no included pale scales or central band lightening (= dark bands solid black and without noticeably darker edges). (SCHWARTZ 1979: 424).

See Table 1 in SCHWARTZ 1979: 421 for measurements and meristic characters in wirshingi, hispaniolae and sommeri. 
CommentFor illustrations see Grant, 1932; Kerster and Smith, 1955; Rivero, 1978.

Based on mtDNA sequence differences WEISS & HEDGES 2007 elevated the (allopatric) subspecies of P. wirshingi to full species status.

Habitat: creviced and pocked limestone cliffs. The major plants are various cacti, both small and arborescent, Agave, and Acacia. The holotype was secured on the red earth substrate between two boulders, each about 1m ind iameter.The smaller juvenile was native-collected; the larger juvenile was taken from the underside of a small rock in a rockpile about 1m in diameter intermixed with, and at the base of, a long-dead basal rosette of Agave leaves. A second adult was seen by Graham and Sommer on the night of 14 July 1978; this individual was observed on a rock face about 3 m high. 
EtymologyNamed (apparently) after William W. Sommer, who collected the holotype of the species. 
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