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Phymaturus etheridgei LOBO, ABDALA & VALDECANTOS, 2010

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Higher TaxaLiolaemidae, Iguania, Sauria, Squamata (lizards)
Common Names 
SynonymPhymaturus etheridgei LOBO, ABDALA & VALDECANTOS 2010 
DistributionArgentina (Rio Negro)

Type locality: Between Ingeniero Jacobacci and Molihue (provincial road 76), 41°34’47.2” S, 69°23’33.0” W. 818 m elevation.  
TypesHolotype: FML 23495. 05/02/2009. C. Abdala, M. Bonino, F. Cruz and L. Moreno col. 
DiagnosisDiagnosis: Phymaturus etheridgei n. sp. belongs to the patagonicus group because it has flat imbricate superciliaries, non‐rugose dorsal scales on tail, usually not fragmented subocular and subocular supralabials separated by one scale row, chin shields differentiated in size from sublabial and gular scales. Phymaturus etheridgei has a uniform black or dark brown dorsal pattern with small white spots irregularly distributed lacking the typical rows of paravertebral ocelli of P. excelsus, P. spectabilis, females of P. manuelae, P. payuniae. Phymaturus etheridgei also does not show the degree of polymorphism of many species that show brown morphs (P. excelsus, P. spectabilis, P. tenebrosus) or the all‐population fixed brown pattern of P. spurcus. P. indistinctus and P. videlai because they show a brown or gray dorsal background with small black scattered spots , P. videlai and P. castillensis exhibit a white dorsal nuchal color, and also the “star” pattern over the occipital and nuchal area (fig. 8c). P. castillensis show pre and postcapular black spots. P. felixi shows transversal thin black stripes, emarginated by white. males of P. felixi show transversal white stripes over fore and hindlimbs, both characters absent in P. etheridgei. Phymaturus etheridgei can be differentiated from other members of the group (P. felixi, P. somuncurensis, P. manuelae and P. castillensis) by having a concave or depressed internasal area that can be extended to the postrostral area. it differs from all species of the group (with the exception of P. excelsus, P. spectabilis and P. indistinctus), in its dorsal color pattern of body that changes abruptly on the tail, from dark brown or black to light brown (fig. 5). Phymaturus etheridgei differs from P. calcogaster in not having thick variegated pattern of throat. it differs from P. calcogaster and P. patagonicus because they show large white spots over their dorsum. Phymaturus etheridgei shows margins of chinshields surrounded by dark pigmentation, absent in P. payuniae, P. calcogaster, P. tenebrosus, P. ceii, P. excelsus and P. spurcus.

Phymaturus etheridgei shows subdigital lamellae pigmented over its entire surface not restricted between central keels like P. tenebrosus, P. ceii, P. patagonicus, P. indistinctus, P. videlai and P. castillensis. 
EtymologyNamed after Richard Emmett Etheridge (16 Sep 1929-14 Jan 2019), American herpetologist in recognition of his contribution to Liolaemid systematics, and particularly in acknowledgement for many years of generous advice and collaboration with his Argentinean colleagues. See Espinoza & Queiroz for biographical details. 
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