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Podarcis melisellensis (BRAUN, 1877)

IUCN Red List - Podarcis melisellensis - Least Concern, LC

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Higher TaxaLacertidae, Sauria, Lacertoidea, Squamata (lizards) 
SubspeciesPodarcis melisellensis aeoli (RADOVANOVIC, 1959)
Podarcis melisellensis bokicae (RADOVANOVIC, 1956)
Podarcis melisellensis caprina (RADOVANOVIC, 1970)
Podarcis melisellensis curzolensis (TADDEI, 1950)
Podarcis melisellensis digenea (WETTSTEIN, 1926)
Podarcis melisellensis fiumana (WERNER, 1891)
Podarcis melisellensis galvagnii (WERNER, 1908)
Podarcis melisellensis gigantea (RADOVANOVIC, 1956)
Podarcis melisellensis gigas (WETTSTEIN, 1926)
Podarcis melisellensis jidulae (RADOVANOVIC, 1959)
Podarcis melisellensis kammereri (WETTSTEIN, 1926)
Podarcis melisellensis kornatica (RADOVANOVIC, 1959)
Podarcis melisellensis lissana (WERNER, 1891)
Podarcis melisellensis lupa (RADOVANOVIC, 1970)
Podarcis melisellensis melisellensis (BRAUN, 1877)
Podarcis melisellensis mikavicae (RADOVANOVIC, 1959)
Podarcis melisellensis plutonis (RADOVANOVIC, 1959)
Podarcis melisellensis pomoensis (WETTSTEIN, 1926)
Podarcis melisellensis thetidis (RADOVANOVIC, 1959)
Podarcis melisellensis traguriana (RADOVANOVIC, 1959) 
Common NamesE: Dalmatian Wall Lizard
G: Adriatische Mauereidechse
NL: karsjthagedis 
SynonymLacerta melisellensis BRAUN 1877
Lacerta melisellensis — BRAUN 1886
Podarcis melisellensis — HENLE 1985
Podarcis melisellensis — ENGELMANN et al 1993
Podarcis melisellensis — POULAKAKIS et al. 2005
Podarcis melisellensis melisellensis — SINDACO & JEREMČENKO 2008

Podarcis melisellensis bokicae (RADOVANOVIC, 1956)
Lacerta melisellensis bokicae RADOVANOVIC, 1956
Podarcis melisellensis bokicae — TIEDEMANN et al. 1994

Podarcis melisellensis digenea (WETTSTEIN 1926)
Lacerta fiumana lissana var. digenea WETTSTEIN in KAMMERER 1926
Podarcis melisellensis digenea — TIEDEMANN et al. 1994: 41

Podarcis melisellensis fiumanus (WERNER, 1891)
Lacerta muralis neapolitana var. olivacea WERNER 1891: 753
Lacerta neapolitana var. striata WERNER 1891: 753
Lacerta muralis var. littoralis WERNER 1897
Lacerta fiumana var. bocchensis SCHREIBER 1912 (fide TIEDEMANN et al. 1994)
Lacerta taurica fiumana — WERNER 1920: 23
Podarcis melisellensis fiumana — SEHNAL & SCHUSTER 1999
Podarcis melisellensis fiumana — MAYER & PODNAR 2002
Podarcis melisellensis fiumanus — SINDACO & JEREMČENKO 2008
Podarcis melisellensis fiumana — DIECKMANN & DIECKMANN 2010

Podarcis melisellensis gigantea (RADOVANOVIC, 1956)
Lacerta melisellensis gigantea RADOVANOVIC 1956
Podarcis melisellensis gigantea — TIEDEMANN et al. 1994

Podarcis melisellensis gigas (WETTSTEIN, 1926)
Lacerta fiumana gigas WETTSTEIN in KAMMERER 1926
Podarcis melisellensis gigas — TIEDEMANN et al. 1994: 40

Podarcis melisellensis kammereri (WETTSTEIN, 1926)
Lacerta fiumana kammereri WETTSTEIN in KAMMERER 1926
Podarcis melisellensis kammereri — TIEDEMANN et al. 1994: 40

Podarcis melisellensis lissana (WERNER, 1891)
Lacerta muralis fusca var. lissana WERNER 1891: 752
Podarcis melisellensis lissana — TIEDEMANN et al. 1994: 43

Podarcis melisellensis pomoensis (WETTSTEIN 1926)
Lacerta fiumana pomoensis WETTSTEIN in KAMMERER 1926
Podarcis melisellensis pomoensis — TIEDEMANN et al. 1994: 41 
DistributionCroatia (incl. Brusnik Island, Mali Opuh Island, Vrtlac Island, Kaprije Island, Islands Korcula [= Curzola] and San Massimo, Kamik Island, St. Andrea Island near Dubrovnik, Island Mali Parsanj near Vis, Jidula Island, Island Mali Barjak near Vis, Kornati Archipelago, including surrounding Islands, Vis Island [= Lissa], Kurjak Island, Island Mikavica, north of Zirje Island, Jerolim Island near Hvar), Jabuka Island [= Pomo], Island Veliki Opuh, southeast of the Kornati Archipelago, Ciovo Island near Split), Svetac Island [= St. Andrea]),
Italy (Trieste region),
coastal regions of Slovenia, Montenegro (including many Adriatic Islands),
NW Albania

bokicae: Croatia; Type locality: Vrtlac Island, Holotype: NMW 15517

digenea: Crotia; Type locality: Insel St. Andrea bei Lissa, Dalmatien; Syntypes: NMW 16033:1-4 (1 m., 3 w.) ; Coll. SCHREIBER, 1915

gigantea: Croatia; Type locality: St. Andrea bei Dubrovnik, Holotype: NMW 15515 .

gigas: Croatia (Vis island); Type locality: Scoglio Mali, Parsanj bei Lissa; Syntypes: NMW 16042:1,2; NMW 16043:1-6; NMW 16044:1-13, KAMMERER leg., 29. 7. 1914

kammereri: Croatia; Type locality: Scoglio Mali, Barjak bei Lissa, Dalmatien; Syntypes: NMW 16050:1,2 (m., w.); NMW 16051:1-6; KAMMERER leg., 12. 6. 1911.

pomoensis: Croatia; Type locality: Klippe Pomo bei Lissa, Adria; Syntypes: NMW 16052:1,2 (m., w.), NMW 11276:1-5, G. SEELOS leg., 1888. Map legend:
TDWG region - Region according to the TDWG standard, not a precise distribution map.

NOTE: TDWG regions are generated automatically from the text in the distribution field and not in every cases it works well. We are working on it.
TypesHolotype: SMF [aeoli]
Holotype: SMF [jidulae]
Holotype: SMF [kornatica]
Holotype: SMF [mikavicae]
Holotype: SMF [thetidis] 
CommentSINDACO & JEREMCENKO 2008 recognize only two subspecies (based on Thorpe 1980).

Synonymy: partly after TIEDEMANN et al. 1994.

This species has male color morphs with orange, yellow, and bluish/white bellies/heads (Huyghe et al. 2012). 
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