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Podarcis tauricus (PALLAS, 1814)

IUCN Red List - Podarcis tauricus - Least Concern, LC

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Higher TaxaLacertidae, Sauria, Lacertoidea, Squamata (lizards) 
SubspeciesPodarcis tauricus ionicus (LEHRS 1902)
Podarcis tauricus tauricus (PALLAS 1814) 
Common NamesE: Crimean Wall Lizard
G: Taurische Eidechse 
SynonymLacerta taurica PALLAS 1814: 30
Lacerta taurica — DUMÉRIL & BIBRON 1839: 225
Zootoca taurica — BOULENGER 1881: 740
Podarcis taurica — ENGELMANN et al 1993
Podarcis taurica — TRAPP 2005
Podarcis tauricus — BÖHME & KÖHLER 2005 (by implication)

Podarcis tauricus taurica (PALLAS, 1814)
Lacerta taurica PALLAS 1814: 30
Lacerta taurica thasopulae KATTINGER 1942
Podarcis taurica thasopulae — KABISCH 1986
Podarcis taurica taurica — SCHLÜTER 2003
Podarcis tauricus — BÖHME & KÖHLER 2005 (by implication)
Podarcis tauricus thasopulae — SINDACO & JEREMČENKO 2008
Podarcis tauricus tauricus — SINDACO & JEREMČENKO 2008

Podarcis tauricus ionica (LEHRS, 1902)
Lacerta ionica LEHRS 1902
Lacerta taurica jonica [sic] — WERNER 1920: 23
Podarcis taurica ionica — BISCHOFF & BISCHOFF 1980
Podarcis tauricus ionicus— BÖHME & KÖHLER 2005 (by implication)
Podarcis tauricus jonicus— SINDACO & JEREMČENKO 2008
Podarcis tauricus jonicus — KWET & TRAPP 2014
Podarcis jonicus — PSONIS et al. 2016
Podarcis jonicus — KWET 2017 
DistributionSW Ukraine, Crime Peninsula, E/S Romania, SE Hungary, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece (Epirus, Peloponnese and Ionian Islands, Thasopoulos Island), W Turkey (Thrakia and NW Anatolia), Albania, S Moldova

tauricus: Bulgaria, Romania (etc.); Type locality: The Crimea

ionicus: Greece, Corfu = Corfou etc.; Type locality: Kephallonia, Kerkyra (Corfu Island);

thasopulae: Greece (Thasopoulos Island, N Aegean See)  
TypesHolotype: lost (fide D. Jablonski, pers. comm. 25 Oct 2017)
Syntypes: NMW 15721:1-9 [ionicus] 
CommentSubspecies: Podarcis taurica gaigeae has been elevated to species status. Psonis et al. 2016 found that species delimitation approaches clearly support the existence of nine distinct species within the P. tauricus species subgroup. However, they did not describe these 9 species in any detail.

Illustration: Podarcis taurica ionica is illustrated on the cover of Herpetofauna 143 (2005).

Synonymy: Psonis et al. 2016 suggested to synonymize P. t. tauricus and P. t. thasopulae. They also found a “P. ionicus” species complex without explicitly delineating species though. 
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