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Podarcis tiliguerta (GMELIN, 1789)

IUCN Red List - Podarcis tiliguerta - Least Concern, LC

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Higher TaxaLacertidae, Sauria, Lacertoidea, Squamata (lizards) 
SubspeciesPodarcis tiliguerta contii LANZA & BRIZZI 1977
Podarcis tiliguerta eiselti (LANZA 1972)
Podarcis tiliguerta granchii LANZA & BRIZZI 1974
Podarcis tiliguerta grandisonae (LANZA 1972)
Podarcis tiliguerta maresi (LANZA 1972)
Podarcis tiliguerta pardii LANZA & BRIZZI 1974
Podarcis tiliguerta ranzii (LANZA 1966)
Podarcis tiliguerta rodulphisimonii BRIZZI & LANZA 1975
Podarcis tiliguerta tiliguerta (GMELIN 1789)
Podarcis tiliguerta toro (MERTENS 1932) 
Common NamesG: Tyrrhenische Mauereidechse 
SynonymLacerta tiliguerta GMELIN in LINNAEUS 1789: 1070
Lacerta tiliguerta var. corsica BEDRIAGA 1883 (nomen illegitimum)
Lacerta muralis tiliguerta — MERTENS 1932: 242
Lacerta muralis tiliguerta — TADDEI 1949: 245
Podarcis tiliguerta tiliguerta — SCHNEIDER 1986: 373
Podarcis tiliguerta — ENGELMANN et al 1993
Podarcis tiliguerta — ARNOLD et al. 2007

Podarcis tiliguerta contii LANZA & BRIZZI 1977
Podarcis muralis contii LANZA & BRIZZI 1977

Podarcis tiliguerta eiselti (LANZA 1972)
Lacerta tiliguerta eiselti LANZA 1972: 381

Podarcis tiliguerta grandisonae (LANZA 1972)
Lacerta tiliguerta grandisonae LANZA 1972: 387

Podarcis tiliguerta maresi (LANZA 1972)
Lacerta tiliguerta maresi LANZA 1972: 389
Podarcis tiliguerta maresi — DELAGUERRE & CHEYLAN 1992: 97

Podarcis tiliguerta ranzii (LANZA 1966)
Podarcis tiliguerta ranzii — CORTI et al. 2008
Podarcis tiliguerta ranzii — SINDACO & JEREMČENKO 2008

Podarcis tiliguerta rodulphisimonii BRIZZI & LANZA 1975
Podarcis tiliguerta rodulphisimonii BRIZZI & LANZA 1975: 61
Podarcis tiliguerta rodulphisimonii — SCHNEIDER 1986: 372

Podarcis tiliguerta toro (MERTENS 1932)
Lacerta muralis toro MERTENS 1932: 246
Lacerta muralis toro — TADDEI 1949: 246
Lacerta muralis toro — LANZA 1954: 133
Podarcis tiliguerta toro — SINDACO & JEREMČENKO 2008 
DistributionItaly (Sardinia, Isola Piana di Cavallo, Isola Pietricaggiosa, Isola Piana and Islotto Maestro Maria, Isole Poraggia Grande and Piccola, Isola Vacca, Toro Piccolo and Grande, Isola Giraglia, Isolotto Molarotto, Macinaggio Islands, Isole Porro and Locca, Isolotto di Toro)
France (Corsica)

contii: France (Corsica); Type locality: Piana di Cavallo Island, Corsica, France.

eiselti: France (Corsica); Type locality: Pietricaggiosa and Maestro Maria islands, Corsica, France

granchii: France (Corsica); Type locality: Poraggia Piccola and Poraggia Grande islets, Corsica, France

grandisonae: France (Corsica); Type locality: Vacca Islet, Corsica, France.

maresi: France (Corsica); Type locality: Toro Grande and Toro Piccolo islets, Corsica, France

pardii: France (Corsica); Type locality: Giraglia Island, Corsica, France.

ranzii: Molarotto Island; Type locality: Molarotto Islet, Sardinia, Italy.

rodulphisimonii: France (Corsica); Type locality: Finocchiarola, Isolotto di Mezzo and Isolotto di Terra islets, Corsica, France

sammichelii: France (Corsica); Type locality: Isolotto del Porro and Isolotto della Locca islets, Corsica, France

toro: Italy (Toro Island, Sardinia); Type locality: “Insel Toro”; Holotype: Museo Civico di Soria Naturale Genova  
TypesHolotype: MZUF 13804, male, Patrizio Blandina, Marcello Grassini and Marco Lanza leg., 8.VIII.1971 [eiselti]
Holotype: MZUF 13794, male; Riccardo Innocenti, Benedetto and Marco Lanza leg., 22.VII.1971 [grandisonae]
Holotype: MZUF 13758, male, Toro Piccolo Islet; Patrizio Blan- dina, Marcello Grassini, Benedetto, Laura and Marco Lanza leg., 1.VIII.1971. [maresi]
Holotype: MZUF 18913 M.F. (= Museo Zoologico of the University of Florence), Benedetto and Marco Lanza, Fabio Sammicheli and Riccardo Simoni leg. 12.VIII.1973. [contii]
Holotype: MZUF 16291 M.F. (= Museo Zoologico of the University of Florence) [granchii]
Holotype: MZUF 15861 M.F. (= Museo Zoologico of the University of Florence) [pardii]
Holotype: MZUF 4350 (= Museo Zoologico dell'Università di Firenze) [ranzii]
Holotype: MZUF 19200 (= Museo Zoologico of the University of Florence) [rodulphisimonii]
Holotype: MSNG 31864 (Museo Civieo di Storia Naturale in Genua) [toro] 
CommentSynonymy: Lacerta tiliguerta var. corsica BEDRIAGA 1883 is a nomen illegitimum fide Schneider 1986: 368.

Hybridization: Capula (2002) provides genetic evidence of natural hybridization between Podarcis siculus and Podarcis tiliguerta. The hybrid specimens appeared morphologically intermediate between the parent species. The absence of backcrossed individuals indicate that free interbreeding between the two species is unlikely. Hybrids were found in areas of habitat disturbance only.

Diversity: P. tiliguerta showed 4 main clades across Sardinia and Corsica (Salvi et al. 2017). However, Bruschi et al. based on 11 pholidotic characters failed to identify diagnostic characters between and within Corsican and Sardinian populations. 
Etymology“tiliguerta” is local name (on Sardinia) for “lizard”, and hence used as a noun [J. Speybroeck, W. Böhme, F. Tillack, pers. comm.]
Podarcis tiliguerta eiselti (LANZA 1972) was named after Josef Eiselt, Austrian herpetologist.
Podarcis tiliguerta grandisonae (LANZA 1972) was named after Miss Alice G. C. Grandison of the British Museum of Natural History, London. 
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