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Pseuderemias septemstriata (PARKER, 1942)

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Higher TaxaLacertidae, Eremiadinae, Sauria, Lacertoidea, Squamata (lizards)
Common Names 
SynonymEremias septemstriata PARKER 1942: 62
Eremias striata — PARKER 1932: 354
Pseuderemias septemstriata — SZCZERBAK 1989
Pseuderemias mucronata septemstriata — LANZA 1990 
DistributionN Somalia, most likely adjacent Ethiopia

Type locality: Halin district, Somaliland, 2000 ft elevation. “Somalia, Migiurtinia” fide SZCZERBAK 1989.  
TypesType: BMNH 1946.8.6.13; Paratypes: 1946.9.8.7-9, 1946.8.6.71-74 
DiagnosisDescription: Head shields smooth or very feebly rugose, disposed and proportioned as in E. brenneri, except that the subocular, though narrowed inferiorly, broadly enters the lip; snout long, with a fronto-nasal slightly longer than broad; constantly 4 nasals. Dorsal and lateral scales juxtaposed, smooth or feebly unicarinate, in 54 to 68 series across the middle of the body; ventrals in 8 longitudinal series; enlarged brachials and subcaudals smooth or keeled in conformity with the dorsals. Femoral pores 15-20. (Parker 1942: 62)

Colouration: white or pale brown with 7 dark brown longitudinal stripes arranged as follows : A broad lateral band from the subocular through the upper part of the ear and above the limbs, extending on to the tail, and usually enclosing a single row of small circular, white spots; a dorso-lateral stripe, similar in width, extends from the posterior corner of the eye, but does not extend on to the tail and may, or may not, have a row of white spots included in it; three narrower dorsal stripes, of which the median alone extends on to the tail, the two outer varying in length, being as a rule shortest in juveniles where they may not extend backwards beyond the nape; there may also be traces of an indistinct dark, ventro-lateral stripe between the fore- and hind-limbs; lower surfaces uniform white; limbs brown, with numerous large, circular white spots. (Parker 1942: 63)

Note: The specimens mentioned by Parker 1932: 354 were noted to deviate from the normal of striata, and the additional comparative material of that species now available makes it appear more probable that they represent a distinct form which is in many ways intermediate between brenneri and striata, but differs from either in its smooth or only feebly striated head shields and dorsal scales and in the distinctive colour pattern. 
CommentCited as PARKER 1965 by LANZA 1988.

Gans et al. 1965: 44 present a comparison of the Somali species of Eremias.

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