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Higher TaxaGekkonidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos)
Common NamesE: Leyte Diminutive Gecko 
DistributionPhilippines (Leyte, Samar)

Type locality: Sitio Cienda, Barangay Gabas, Municipality of Baybay, Leyte Province, Leyte Island, Philippines (10°41’N, 124°48’E; WGS-84.  
TypesHolotype: PNM 9811 (RMB No. 4365, formerly KU 326437), adult female, collected in secondary-growth forest on 28 June 1999, by R.M. Brown. Paratype.—One adult male (KU 326438) collected in lowland, secondary-growth forest (2030 to 2300 h) on 31 August 2001, in the Calbiga—a river area, Barangay Gabas, Mu- nicipality of Baybay, Leyte Province, Leyte Island, Philippines (10u419N, 124u489E; WGS-84) by A.C. Diesmos. 
DiagnosisDiagnosis. Pseudogekko ditoy can be dis- tinguished from congeners by the following combination of characters: (1) body size small (SVL 49.4–52.6 mm); (2) axilla–groin distance 50.7–56.5% SVL; (3) head length 18.2–18.9% SVL; (4) snout 57.4–59.3% head length; (5) Toe IV scansors 16 or 17; (6) paravertebral scales 180–185; (7) ventral scales 111–118; (8) supralabials 17–20; (9) infralabials 16 or 17; (10) circumorbitals 40 or 43; (11) precloacal pores 18; (12) femoral pores absent; (13) ground body coloration light brown; (14) head spots absent; (15) dorsolateral body spots absent; (16) limb spots absent; (17) tail bands absent; (18) body stripes absent; (19) interor- bital band absent; and (20) ciliary ring coloration undifferentiated (Tables 1, 2). 
Etymologyfrom the Leyte language (Waray-Waray) term ditoy, meaning diminutive or ‘‘the smaller one’’ in reference to the new species small body size and its distinction from its larger sympatric congener, P. pungkaypinit. 
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