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Pseudonaja affinis GÜNTHER, 1872

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Higher TaxaElapidae (Hydrophiinae), Alethinophidia, Serpentes, Squamata (snakes) 
SubspeciesPseudonaja affinis affinis GÜNTHER 1872
Pseudonaja affinis exilis STORR 1989
Pseudonaja affinis tanneri WORRELL 1961 
Common NamesDugite 
SynonymPseudonaja affinis GÜNTHER 1872: 35
Demansia textilis affinis — LOVERIDGE 1934
Demansia nuchalis affinis — WORRELL 1961
Demansia nuchalis tanneri — WORRELL 1961: 56
Pseudonaja nuchalis affinis — WORRELL 1963
Pseudonaja affinis — COGGER 1983: 232
Pseudonaja affinis — COGGER 2000: 670
Dugitophis affinis affinis — WELLS 2002
Pseudonaja affinis charlespiersoni HOSER 2009
Pseudonaja affinis charlespiersoni — HOSER 2012 (preliminary)
Pseudonaja affinis — WALLACH et al. 2014: 604

Pseudonaja affinis exilis STORR 1989
Dugitophis affinis exilis — WELLS 2002

Pseudonaja affinis tanneri WORRELL 1961
Demansia nuchalis tanneri WORRELL 1961
Dugitophis affinis tanneri — WELLS 2002
Pseudonaja tanneri — BEOLENS et al. 2011 
DistributionAustralia (South Australia, Western Australia)

affinis: coastal SW Western Australia; Type locality: Australia

exilis: Rottnest Island, West Australia; Type locality: Rottnest Island, Western Australia.

tanneri: Western Australia: Boxer Island and other offshore islands; Type locality: Boxer Island, REcherche Archipelago, Western Australia. Map legend:
TDWG region - Region according to the TDWG standard, not a precise distribution map.

NOTE: TDWG regions are generated automatically from the text in the distribution field and not in every cases it works well. We are working on it.
TypesHolotype: BMNH 1946.1.19.77.
Holotype: NMV D9819, from Boxer Is., Recherche Archipelago, W. A. [D. nuchalis tanneri] 

Diagnosis in SKINNER 2009. 
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