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Pygmaeascincus koshlandae (GREER, 1991)

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Higher TaxaScincidae, Eugongylinae (Eugongylini), Scincoidea, Sauria, Squamata (lizards)
Common NamesE: Fine-browed Dwarf Skink 
SynonymMenetia koshlandae GREER 1991
Menetia koshlandae — COGGER 2000: 764
Menetia koshlandae — WILSON & SWAN 2010: 318
Menetia koshlandae — COGGER 2014: 656
Pygmaeascincus koshlandae — COUPER & HOSKIN 2014 
DistributionAustralia (Queensland)

Type locality: 10 km N of Palmer River via Cairns-Cooktown road, Queensland (16°02’S, 144°48’E)  
TypesHolotype: QM J50554 (formerly AM R 56660) 
DiagnosisDiagnosis: Differs from all other Menetia as diagnosed above in the following combination of characters: frontoparietals and interparietals fused; pretemporals two, and upper palpebrals (sensu Taylor, 1935:71) small. (Greer 1991)

Description. Supranasals absent; rostral-frontonasal contact broad; prefrontals moderately separted; frontal small (about same size as first supraocular); supraoculars three, first longest, second and third equal in size; frontoparietals and interparietal fused; parietal eye spot evident; parietals in broad medial contact; transversely enlarged nuchals invariant, 1/1. Nasals small, widely separated; loreals two; preoculars two; presubocular one; supraciliaries five; supralabials six, fourth long and subocular; infralabials six; pretemporals two; primary temporal one; secondary temporals two, upper overlaps lower; postsupralabial one; external ear opening small (3 times external naris), without lobules; eyelid with large, clear spectacle permanently fixed in raised position with small palpebral slit, i.e., preablepharine. Postmental contacts first two infralabials on each side; pairs of enlarged chin scales three, scales of first pair barely separated, scales of second pair separated by one longitudinal scale row, and scales of third pair separated by three scale rows. Body scales smooth, in 20 longitudinal rows at midbody; paravertebrals 56-60; supradigital scales of fourth toe single, 9-10; subdigital lamellae of fourth toe smoothly rounded, 15-18; outer preanal scales overlap inner. Color in preservative, dorsum uniformly medium brown; sides darker brown; venter of head and body pale brown, many body scales dark-edged; venter of tail medium brown. SVL 20.5-28.0 mm; front and rear limbs 14-18 and 21-25 percent of SVL, respectively. Premaxillary teeth 11; palatal rami of pterygoids with recurved medial processes (i.e., beta configuration); presacral vertebrae 31-32. (Greer 1991) 
EtymologyNamed after Phyllis A. Koshland for her contributions to Australian herpetology through collecting and illustrating. 
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