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Pyxis arachnoides BELL, 1827

IUCN Red List - Pyxis arachnoides - Critically Endangered, CR

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Higher TaxaTestudinidae, Testudinoidea, Testudines (turtles)
SubspeciesPyxis arachnoides arachnoides BELL 1827
Pyxis arachnoides brygooi VUILLEMIN & DOMERGUE 1972
Pyxis arachnoides oblonga GRAY 1869 
Common NamesE: Madagascan Spider Tortoise
G: Madagassische Spinnenschildkröte
brygooi: Northern Spider Tortoise 
SynonymPyxis arachnoides arachnoides
Pyxis arachnoides BELL 1827
Pyxis aranoides GRAY 1831 (nomen subst. pro Pyxis arachnoides BELL)
Pyxis madagascariensis LESSON 1831 (synonymy uncertain)
Pyxis arachnoides — DUMÉRIL & BIBRON 1835: 156
Pyxis Arachnoides — DUMÉRIL & BIBRON 1854: 222
Pyxis (Pyxis) arachnoides — KUCHLING 1989
Pyxis arachnoides — ERNST & BARBOUR 1989: 233
Pyxis (Pyxis) arachnoides — GLAW & VENCES 1994: 224
Pyxis arachnoides — FRITZ & BININDA-EMONDS 2007
Pyxis arachnoides arachnoides — TTWG 2021

Pyxis arachnoides brygooi (VUILLEMIN & DOMERGUE 1972)
Pyxoides brygooi VUILLEMIN & DOMERGUE 1972
Pyxis arachnoides brygooi — WALKER 2010
Pyxis arachnoides brygooi — TTWG 2021

Pyxis arachnoides oblonga GRAY 1869
Pyxis arachnoides var. oblonga GRAY 1869
Pyxis arachnoides matzi BOUR 1978
Pyxis arachnoides oblonga — TTWG 2014: 406
Pyxis arachnoides oblonga — TTWG 2021 
DistributionMadagascar (along the S coast from the Mahajamba River southward around Cape Sainte-Marie almost to Fort-Dauphin)

Type locality: Unknown; designated as "Soalara (Baie de Saint-Augustin), sud-ouest de Madagascar" by Bour 1978:153.

brygooi: SW Madagascar (Mikea Forest). Type locality: “entre Morombe et Tuléar, aux alentours du lac Ihotry, dans la forêt des Mikea”.  
TypesLectotype: OUM 13a (=1092) designated by Bour 1978:153. Paralectotypes: OUM 8528
Holotype: BMNH 1861.3.20.31 [oblonga]
Holotype: MNHN-RA A0277 [brygooi] 
CommentConservation: Threatened.

Subspecies: CHIARI et al. (2005) suggest to treat the three subspecies of Pyxis arachnoides “as a separate entities for conservation” -- whatever that may mean.

Type species: Pyxis arachnoides BELL 1827 is the type species of the genus Pyxis BELL 1827 (non Pyxis CHEMNITZ 1784 = nomen illegitimum: Direction 2, ICZN, 1956; non Pyxis CHEVROLAT 184 = Coleoptera; non Pyxis HERMANNSEN 1848 =Gastropoda; non Pyxis STEFANI 1877 = Lamellibranchiata; following WERMUTH & MERTENS 1977). 
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