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Sceloporus druckercolini PÉREZ-RAMOS & SALDANA DE LA RIVA, 2008

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Higher TaxaPhrynosomatidae, Sceloporinae, Iguania, Sauria, Squamata (lizards)
Common NamesE: Graceful mountain tree lizard 
SynonymSceloporus druckercolini PÉREZ-RAMOS & SALDANA DE LA RIVA 2008
Sceloporus druckercolini — PALACIOS-AGUILAR 2020 
DistributionMexico (Guerrero)

Type locality: 1.5 km NE Filo de Caballo, 2170 m [elevation], in pine-oak forest in the central part of the Sierra Madre dels Sur, W of Chilpancingo, Guerrero, Mexico.  
TypesHolotype: CNAR (originally as IBH 6362-6), adult male 
DiagnosisDiagnosis: S. druckercolini differs from all other congeners of th tformosus group (sensu lato), except S. acanthinus (in part), S. internasalis (in part), S. salvini , S. stejnegeri, and S. tanneri (in part), in that it presents a complete, wide straight black nuchal collar without clear borders. Among the members of salvini group -here defined by possessing a wide nuchal collar, usually large supraoculars, and large dorsals, principally-, S. druckercolini differs from S. acanthinus and S. tanneri in that it sometimes has one supraocular scale vs. two or more posterior supraocular scales in contact with the scales on the midline of the head. From Sceloporus stejnegeri, the closest geographic congener, it differs in that it possesses: 32-38 vs. 37-42 dorsal scales; 35-45 vs. 45-50 scales around the body; 12-17 vs. 16-21 femoral pores; 7-12 vs. 12-16 scales between the femoral pore series; male specimens with central dark borders in the semeions vs. occasionally evident, respectively. Sceloporus druckercolini differs from S. internasalis (in part) and S. salvini in that it possesses irregular scales on the intemasal area vs. rounded scales; large and complete supraoculars vs. small scales divided into two rows (except S. internasalis which is variable); variable contact among middle and lateral frontonasal scales vs. a wide separation among these; 32-38 vs. 33-40 and 37-44 dorsal scales, respectively; 12-17 vs. 12 and 11-14 femoral pores, respectively; 7-12 vs. 8-9 and 13 scales between femoral pore series, respectively. Likewise, S . druckercolini differs from S. internasalis in that it has a row of scales between the rostral and the nasal scales and a row of scales between the first supralabial and the nasal scales vs. two rows of scales between such scales. Sceloporus druckercolini differs, as well, in that it presents a wide nuchal collar vs. variable, shoulder patches absent or, if present, nearly a complete nuchal collar or separated dorsally by 6 or 7 scale rows (Smith & Bumzahem 1955). 
CommentGroup: S. formosus group (sensu lato, fide PÉREZ-RAMOS & SALDAÑA DE LA RIVA 2008) 
Etymologynamed after Dr. René Raúl Drucker-Colín (born in 1937), a Mexican physiologist and neurobiologist. 
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