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Sceloporus edbelli SMITH, CHISZAR & LEMOS-ESPINAL, 2003

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Higher TaxaPhrynosomatidae, Sceloporinae, Iguania, Sauria, Squamata (lizards)
Common NamesE: Bell's spiny lizard
S: Espinosa de Bell 
SynonymSceloporus undulatus belli SMITH, CHISZAR & LEMOS-ESPINAL 1995
Sceloporus edbelli SMITH et al. 2003 (nom. nov.)
Sceloporus belli — KÖHLER & HEIMES 2002
Sceloporus edbelli — BELL et al. 2003
Sceloporus edbelli — LEMOS-ESPINAL & SMITH 2007
Sceloporus edbelli — JONES & LOVICH 2009: 516
Sceloporus undulatus edbelli — NCBI taxonomy 2020 
DistributionMexico (Durango, Coahuila [see note], Chihuahua)

Type locality: Two mi S León Guzmán, Durango, Mexico.  
TypesHolotype: UCM 41539, collected 19 June 1966 by Richard L. Holland (edbelli) 
CommentSynonymy: S. u. belli is an unavailable junior secondary homonym of Tropidolepis bellii Gray 1831 (which is a nomen dubium named in honor of Thomas Bell [1792-1880, an eminent scientist and herpetologist in London, much admired by Gray, who named many species for him). S. u. belli has thus been renamed S. u. edbelli and later elevated to full species status. Leache & Reeder 2002 considered S. edbelli as a synonym of S. cowlesi. Lemos-Espinal et al. 2016 considered S. edbelli as a synonym of S. consobrinus.

Distribution: Lemos-Espinal et al. 2016 consider S. edbelli as a synonym of S. consobrinus and thus do not list if for Coahuila. Not in Durango fide Lemos-Espinal (2018). 
EtymologyNamed after Edwin L. Bell, Professor Emeritus of Biology at Albright College, Reading, Pennsylvania, who worked for many years on S. occidentalis and the systematics of the undulatus group. S. edbelli was first described as S. bellii, which is a junior secondary homonym of Tropidolepis bellii Gray (1831:44). Tropidolepis Cuvier (1829) is a junior synonym of Sceloporus Wiegmann (1828), hence Gray's name is now assigned to Sceloporus and is therefore a senior secondary homonym of Sceloporus belli Smith et al. Smith et al. 2002 therefore erected the replacement name, S. edbelli for S. belli SMITH et al. 1995. 
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