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Sceloporus hondurensis MCCRANIE, 2018

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Higher TaxaPhrynosomatidae, Sceloporinae, Iguania, Sauria, Squamata (lizards)
Common NamesE: Honduran Spiny Lizard 
SynonymSceloporus hondurensis MCCRANIE 2018: 304
Sceloporus serrifer — WERNER 1896: 346
Sceloporus aeneus — WERNER 1896: 346
Sceloporus malachiticus — DUNN & EMLEN 1932: 28
Sceloporus malachiticus — MEYER, 1969: 252 (in part)
Sceloporus malachiticus — MEYER & WILSON 1973: 26 (in part)
Sceloporus malachiticus — WILSON et al., 1991: 69, 70 (in part)
Sceloporus malachiticus — CACERES 1993: 119
Sceloporus malachiticus — ESPINAL 1993, table 3
Sceloporus malachiticus — WIENS 1993: 294 (in part)
Sceloporus malachiticus — REEDER & WIENS 1996: 73
Sceloporus malachiticus — KÖHLER 2000: 86
Sceloporus malachiticus — ESPINAL et al., 2001: 106
Sceloporus malachiticus — E. N. SMITH, 2001: 148 (in part)
Sceloporus malachiticus — WILSON et al., 2001: 136 (in part)
Sceloporus malachiticus — KÖHLER & HEIMES 2002: 107 (in part)
Sceloporus malachiticus — LUNDBERG, 2003: 26
Sceloporus malachiticus — WILSON & MCCRANIE, 2004b: 43 (in part)
Sceloporus malachiticus — MCCRANIE & CASTAÑEDA 2005: 14
Sceloporus malachiticus — LOVICH et al., 2006: 13
Sceloporus malachiticus — MAHLER & KEARNEY, 2006: 30
Sceloporus malachiticus — MCCRANIE et al., 2006: 217 (in part)
Sceloporus malachiticus — WILSON & TOWNSEND, 2006: 105 (in part)
Sceloporus malachiticus — TOWNSEND et al., 2007: 10
Sceloporus malachiticus — TOWNSEND & WILSON, 2009: 68
Sceloporus malachiticus — LOVICH et al., 2010: 113
Sceloporus malachiticus — GUTSCHE 2012: 70
Sceloporus malachiticus — TOWNSEND et al. 2012: 100
Sceloporus malachiticus — MCCRANIE & SOLÍS 2013: 242
Sceloporus malachiticus — SOLÍS et al. 2014: 131 (in part).
Sceloporus formosus malachiticus — SMITH 1939: 46 (in part)
Sceloporus formosus malachiticus — BOGERT 1949: 418
Sceloporus formosus — BOGERT 1959: 113.
Sceloporus ‘‘malachiticus’’ — STUART 1971: 238 (in part) 
DistributionHonduras (moderate and intermediate elevations on the Atlantic versant from the Cordillera Nombre de Dios and Montaña Pico Pijol eastward to the Sierra de Agalta and southward to the Sierra de Dipilto, and the mountains of Choluteca in southeastern Honduras); elevation up to at least 2,300 m

Type locality: from between the ríos Catacamas and Seco, Sierra de Agalta, 14°54’N, 85°55’W, 1,520 m elevation, Olancho, Honduras.  
TypesHolotype, UTA R- 63126, an adult male, collected 5 August 1986 by James R. McCranie). 
DiagnosisDiagnosis/Similar Species.—The strongly keeled and mucronate dorsal scales and dorsally compressed body will distinguish Sceloporus hondurensis from all other Honduran lizards, except the other Sceloporus. Sceloporus squamosus and S. variabilis have pale dorsolateral body stripes and S. variabilis also has a postfemoral dermal pocket (both characters lacking in S. hondurensis). The three named species of the S. malachiticus complex recognized (S. esperanzae, S. hondurensis, and S. schmidti) are more difficult to distinguish from one another. Males of S. esperanzae lack, or only rarely have a black bar bordering each semeion (only on 1 of 44 sides), lack distinct abdominal semeion separation or have those semeions poorly separated and only separated posteriorly on the body by 1–2 scale rows in life and alcohol (versus black bar bordering each abdominal semeion and distinct semeion separation in S. hondurensis). Sceloporus schmidti has a tendency to have more dorsal head scale fragmentation resulting in usually having the lateral frontonasals separated medially by a small azygous scale, having the anterior frontal usually divided transversely and/or longitudinally, having 5–6 scales between the canthals, and frequently having a dark midventral line, at least posteriorly in Honduran specimens (versus lateral frontonasals usually not separated by small scale[s], anterior frontal usually not divided, 3–4 scales between large canthals, and dark midventral line absent in S. hondurensis). 
CommentSynonymy and references: MCCRANIE 2018.

Illustrations: Gutsche, 2012 (adult; as S. malachiticus); Köhler, 2000 (ventral pattern, fig. 187; as S. malachiticus), 2003a (adult from Nicaragua; as S. malachiticus);Köhler and Heimes 2002 (adult, juvenile, figs. 104, 187; as S. malachiticus); Lundberg, 2003 (adult, ventral pattern, dorsal surfaces; as S. malachiticus). 
EtymologyThe species name hondurensis refers to the country of Honduras, where this species appears to be largely confined. 
  • McCranie, James R. 2018. The Lizards, Crocodiles, and Turtles of Honduras. Systematics, Distribution, and Conservation. Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Special Publication Series (2): 1- 666 - get paper here
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