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Sphenomorphus brunneus GREER & PARKER, 1974

IUCN Red List - Sphenomorphus brunneus - Least Concern, LC

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Higher TaxaScincidae, Sphenomorphinae (Sphenomorphini), Scincoidea, Sauria, Squamata (lizards)
Common Names 
SynonymSphenomorphus brunneus GREER & PARKER 1974
Sphenomorphus brunneus — GREER & SHEA 2004 
DistributionSC Papua New Guinea (from 0 to 4500 ft elevation)

Type locality: Karimui, Chimbu district, Papua New Guinea.  
TypesHolotype: MCZ R-100546; paratypes: MCZ, AMNH, PNGM 
DiagnosisDiagnosis: Four species of the fasciatus subgroup include individuals that would fit the following description: external ear opening well developed; 5th supralabial below centre of eye; 26 - 28 longitudinal scale rows at midbody; 16 - 22 subdigital lamellae on 4th toe, and generally 3 - 4 enlarged nuchal scales on either side of midline. The four species are nigrolineatus, oligolepis, undulatus (including amboinse, aruanum, and dammermani) and brunneus and all occur in New Guinea.
S. brunneus differs from nigrolineatus and unduZatus mainly in colourpattern and size: brunneus has a relatively uniform brown dorsal coloration (Figure 6) and reaches a SVL of 87 mm whereas nigrolineatus has dark pigment concentrated in the dorsolateral line (Figure 3) and reaches a SVL of only 75 mm and l.l1ldu.Zatus has a dorsal colour pattern of light and dark crossbands and reaches a SVL of only 62 mm. S. oZigoZepis has a rather uniform colour pattern like brunneus, but it is a much smaller species (maximum SVL = 55 mm) and is not known to have more than 16 subdigital lamellae on the 4th toe (16 - 22 in brunneus). 
EtymologyNamed after Latin brunneus = brown. 
  • Greer, A. E. & F. Parker 1974. The fasciatus group of Sphenomorphus (Lacertilia: Scincidae): notes on eight previously described species and description of three new species. Papua New Guin. Sci. Soc. Proc. [1973] 25: 31-61.
  • Greer, A.E. & Shea, G. 2004. A new character within the taxonomically difficult Sphenomorphus group of Lygosomine skinks, with a description of a new species from New Guinea. Journal of Herpetology 38 (1): 79-87 - get paper here
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