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Sphenomorphus cryptotis DAREVSKY, ORLOV & CUC, 2004

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Higher TaxaScincidae, Sphenomorphinae (Sphenomorphini), Scincoidea, Sauria, Squamata (lizards)
Common Names 
SynonymSphenomorphus cryptotis DAREVSKY, ORLOV & CUC 2004
Sphenomorphus cryptotis — BARABANOV & MILTO 2017 
DistributionN Vietnam (Quang Ning Province, Quy Chang district, Nghe An Province; Son La, Thanh Hoa), China (Guangxi)

Type locality: Yen Tu mountain ridge, Uong Bi,Quang Ning Province  
TypesHolotype: ZISP 22904, adult female; Paratypes: ZISP 22905, adult female, same locality data as for holotype. Leg.: T. C. Ho and N. L. Orlov, 09.XI.2003.—ZISP 22906-22908, three adult males,“Khe Cam river near Chan Nga village, Quy Chan district, Nghe An province, Vietnam, 800–1000 m a.s.l., 19°37' N, 105°14' E”. Leg.: N. L. Orlov, S. A. Ryabov and T. C. Ho, 27.03.2003. 
DiagnosisDiagnosis: A slender medium sized Sphenomorphus without external ear opening and slightly recessed auricular depression; auricular lobules absent; 6 supraoculars; 10 – 12 supraciliaries; 7 supralabial; 36 – 39 scale rows; nuchals present; 16 – 21 lamellae beneath fourth toe; limbs moderate (do not, or only just overlap when adpressed); a pair of enlarged preanals; tail long, compressed laterally.

Morphological characters (determination after Darevsky et al. 2004).

Size: Female: SVL 68.2 mm; TaL 116.8 mm. For further measurements and proportions see Table 1. (from Pham et al. 2015)

Head longer than wide; rostral wider than high; supranasals absent; prefrontals in contact with each other; parietals in contact posteriorly; loreals 2; supraoculars 4, followed by 2 postsupraoculars, anterior one divided; primary temporal single; secondary temporals 2, upper very large and overlapped by lower one; lower eyelid scaly; supralabials 7, the fifth and sixth below the eye, separated from the eye by one row of small scales; external ear openings superficial, without lobules; mental wider than long; infralabials 6; postmental undivided; midbody scales in 34 rows; dorsal scales between lateral stripes in 1⁄2 + 6 + 1⁄2 rows, smooth; paravertebral scales 71; ventrals in 75 transverse rows, smooth; precloacals 2, enlarged; medial subcaudals widened; limbs short, pentadactyl; fingers and toes meeting when adpressed; subdigital lamellae smooth, numbering 13 under fourth finger and 20 under fourth toe. (from Pham et al. 2015)

Coloration in alcohol. Dorsum and tail base yellowish brown with a vertebral row of large black spots; numerous indistinct white spots on the labials; lateral zone with a distinct dark stripe from behind the eye to tail base, with white spots; neck and throat white, with black dots; venter and underside anterior part of tail white, posterior part of tail yellowish brown (see Fig. 6). (from Pham et al. 2015) 
EtymologyThe species name cryptotis call attention to the absence of the external ear opening (from Greek “cryptos-” secretive, and “otis” ear). 
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  • Qi, Shuo; Zhi-Tong Lyu, Wei-Liang Xie, Shao-Ping Wan, Wei Zhang, Jun Liu, Yun-Ming Mo, Ying-Yong Wang 2022. First National Record of Sphenomorphus cryptotis Darevsky, Orlov et Ho, 2004 (Sauria, Scincidae) from China. Russian Journal of Herpetology 28 (2): 110-116
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