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Timon princeps (BLANFORD, 1874)

IUCN Red List - Timon princeps - Least Concern, LC

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Higher TaxaLacertidae, Lacertinae, Sauria, Lacertoidea, Squamata (lizards)
Common NamesE: Zagrosian Lizard
G: Zagroseidechse; kurdistanica: Kurdische Zagroseidechse 
SynonymLacerta princeps BLANFORD 1874
Lacerta princeps — WETTSTEIN 1960: 192
Lacerta princeps — NIAZI 1976
Lacerta princeps — FRYNTA et al. 1997
Timon princeps — MAYER & BISCHOFF 1996: 169
Lacerta princeps princeps — GHAFFARI & PARSA 2007
Timon princeps — AHMADZADEH et al. 2012 
DistributionSW Iran (central Zagros Mts. at the Shiraz region), SE Turkey, NE Syria, N Iraq

Type locality: "near Niriz, about 100 miles east of Shiraz, S. Persia"  
TypesHolotype: ZSI 3351 
DiagnosisEiselt (1968, 1969) provided an extended description of T. p. kurdistanicus and distinguished it from Timon princeps princeps by the following characters: 17-19 gular scales (20-22 in T. p. princeps); 16-21 femoral pores on each side (13-17 in T. p. princeps); outer row of ventrals (marginals) keeled as are all flank scales (smooth in T. p. princeps), lower edge of subocular half or greater than half maximum length of shield (in T. p. princeps less than half maximum length of shield). 
CommentSynonymy: Mertens (1952 ) considered kurdistanica as a synonym of princeps.

Distribution: Timon princeps and Timon kurdistanicus are allopatric. See map in AHMADZADEH et al. 2012, 2016. See map in SMID et al. 2014 for distribution in Iran. 
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