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Timon tangitanus (BOULENGER, 1889)

IUCN Red List - Timon tangitanus - Least Concern, LC

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Higher TaxaLacertidae, Sauria (lizards) 
Common NamesG: Marokko-Perleidechse 
SynonymLacerta ocellata tangitana BOULENGER 1889
Timon tangitanus — SCHLÜTER 2004: 44
Timon tangitanus — MATEO et al. 2005
Lacerta (Timon) tangitana — MONTORI et al. 2005
Timon tangitanus — ARNOLD et al. 2007
Lacerta (Timon) pater tangitanus — SINDACO & JEREMČENKO 2008 
DistributionMorocco (mediteranian regions), mountains of NW part of Algeria, isolatated populations higher altitudes in Saharian Atlas (Ibel Ksel), and Seguiat et Hamra;
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CommentDistribution: Now extinct in Western Sahara according to Geniez et al. 2004.

Type not in BMNH fide P. Campbell, pers. comm., 9 July 2014. 
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