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Tropidophorus beccarii PETERS, 1871

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Higher TaxaScincidae, Sphenomorphinae (Sphenomorphini), Scincoidea, Sauria, Squamata (lizards)
Common NamesE: Beccari's Keeled Skink 
SynonymTropidophorus (Amphixestus) beccarii PETERS 1871: 574
Tropidophorus beccarii — BOULENGER 1887
Tropidophorus beccarii — LIDTH DE JEUDE 1905: 198
Tropidophorus beccarii — DE ROOIJ 1915: 276
Norbea beccarii — MITTLEMAN 1952
Norbea beccarii — EBENHARD & SJÖGREN 1984: 24
Tropidophorus beccarii — MANTHEY 1983
Sphenomorphus aquaticus MALKMUS 1991
Tropidophorus beccarii — MANTHEY & GROSSMANN 1997: 283
Tropidophorus beccarii — HONDA et al. 2006 
DistributionIndonesia, Malaysia (Borneo)

Type locality: Sarawak [Borneo]

aquaticus: Borneo; Type locality: Kipungit I. behind the Hot Springs/ Poring, SE slope of Mt. Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.  
TypesHolotype: MSNG 27931
Holotype: ZFMK 52214; paratypes: ZFMK [aquaticus] 
DiagnosisDescription: Shields of head smooth; frontonasal single, slightly more broad than long; praefrontals in contact; frontal as long as frontoparietals and interparietal together or a little longer; five supraoculars, first longest, fifth smallest, fourth bordering the eye; six or seven supraciliaries anterior to the fourth supraocular; frontoparietals shorter than the interparietal; parietals forming a suture behind the latter. Seven upper labials, fifth and sixth largest and bordering the orbit; five lower labials; a large postmental. Tympanum smaller than the eye-opening. Body slender, with 30 smooth scales round the middle, ventrals largest. Praeanal region covered with a single large plate. Tail slightly compressed, one time and two fifths the length of head and body, with smooth scales. Limbs rather long and slender, the hind limb reaches the wrist or beyond; digits short, with smooth lamellae below (de Rooij 1915: 276).

Coloration: Reddish-brown above, with dark transverse bands or alternating spots; flanks white-spotted. Lower parts yellowish; throat dark-spotted (de Rooij 1915: 276).

Size: Length of head and body 80 mm.; tail 106mm (de Rooij 1915: 276). 
CommentFrank & Ramus 1995 give “PETERS 1854” as author. 
EtymologyNamed after Dr. Odoardo Beccari (I843-1920), an Italian botanist, who collected in Indonesia, Malaysia, New Guinea, and Ethiopia. 
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