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Tropidoscincus aubrianus BOCAGE, 1873

IUCN Red List - Tropidoscincus aubrianus - Vulnerable, VU

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Higher TaxaScincidae, Eugongylinae (Eugongylini), Scincoidea, Sauria, Squamata (lizards)
Common Names 
SynonymTropidoscincus aubrianus BOCAGE 1873: 230
Sauroscincus braconnieri PETERS 1879: 149
Tropidoscincus aubrianus — SADLIER 1987: 27
Tropidoscincus aubrianus — BAUER & VINDUM 1990
Tropidoscincus aubrianus — ADLER, AUSTIN & DUDLEY 1995
Tropidoscincus aubrianus — BAUER & SADLIER 2000 
DistributionNew Caledonia

Type locality: Pouebo, New Caledonia, 20° 52’ S, 165° 16’ E (neotype locality)  
Reproductionoviparous (not imputed, fide Zimin et al. 2022) 
TypesNeotype: NMBA (= NHMB) 7424 (designated by SADLIER 1987), Pouebo, New Caledonia, collected Roux & Sarasin. Syntypes originally MB (MBL) (2 specimens), New Caledonia, collected E. Deplanche, presented C.E. Aubry-Lecomte; lost when the collection was destroyed by fire in 1978.
Holotype: ZMB 9702 [Sauroscincus braconnieri] 
DiagnosisDescription: Bauer et al. 2000: 216.

Diagnosis (genus). Tropidoscincus is a member of the Eugongylus group of Greer (1979). It can be distinguished from all other genera in that group by the following combination of characters: frontoparietals fused to form a single scale; supranasals absent but a prominent postnasal suture present; lower eyelid with an obvious, centrally located semi-transparent disc; ear opening large but with moderately small lobules anteriorly; three pairs of mesosternal ribs contacting mesosternum. (Sadlier 1987)

Diagnosis (aubrianus). Tropidoscincus aubrianus can be distinguished from Tropidoscincus variabilis by possessing fewer midbody scale rows (32-34 vs 36-40); more paravertebral scales (58-62 vs 49-58); scales on posterior aspect of the thighs overlapping and evenly descreasing in size ventrally whereas T. variabilis has the scales on posterior aspect of the thighs small, juxtaposed, and sharply demarcated from large overlapping scales on dorsum of thigh.
Tropidoscincus aubrianus can be distinguished from Tropidoscincus rohssii by possessing fewer midbody scale rows (32-34 vs 36-40); more paravertebral scales (58-62 vs 49-56); fewer lamellae under fourth toe (32-41 vs 34-46).
Juvenile Tropidoscincus aubrianus can be distinguished from juveniles of both Tropidoscincus variabilis and Tropidoscincus rohssii by the pale dorsolateral stripe being prominent in T. aubrianus posteriorly to level of the hindlimb instead of fading by middorsum (juveniIe T. rohssii and T. variabilis). (Sadlier 1987)

Description (aubrianus): Sadlier 1987: 28

Diagnosis (rohssii): Sadlier 1987: 30

Description (rohssii): Sadlier 1987: 31 
CommentUncommon and restricted to a few localities.

Type species: Tropidoscincus aubrianus BOCAGE 1873: 230 is the type species of the genus Tropidoscincus BOCAGE 1873.

Key: Sadlier 1987: 24 has a key to the 3 species of Tropidoscincus recognized by him: variabilis, aubrianus, and rohssii. 
EtymologyNamed after Charles Eugene Aubry-Lecomte (1821-1879), a French civil servant, and administrator in New Caledonia who also collected many animals and plants. 
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